septal area

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sep·tal ar·e·a

the region of the cerebral hemisphere that stretches as a thin sheet of brain tissue between the fornix bundle and the ventral surface of the corpus callosum, forming the medial wall of the lateral ventricle's frontal horn; it extends ventrally through the narrow interval between the anterior commissure and the rostrum of corpus collosum as the precommissural septum or subcallosal gyrus, which is continuous caudally with the preoptic area and hypothalamus, as well as more laterally with the innominate substance; its major functional connections are with the hippocampus and hypothalamus. It is composed of a dorsal septal nucleus [TA], lateral septal nucleus [TA], medial septal nucleus [TA], septofimbrial nucleus [TA], and triangular nucleus of septum [TA]. The subformical organ [TA] is also found in this area.
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In the cage, they included a lever which the rat could press to receive a brief pulse of electrical stimulation of "reward centers" in the rat's brain called the septal area. Soon, the scientists found that the rat would rather press the lever than eat food.
[15,24] Thus, it is likely that lateral septal area together with mPOA and median forebrain bundle may play a role in integrating limbic influences for expression of total masculine behavior.
Providing support, regardless of who received the support, was linked to increased activation of the ventral striatum (VS) and septal area (SA) - regions previously linked to parental care behaviors in animals.
Left ventricular dyssynchrony also impairs septal myocardial perfusion due to high intramyocardial pressure during early diastole [8], which might explain angina in absence of angiographic coronary arteries stenosis in our patient, with premature ventricular contractions arising in the basal septal area.
Out of 77 cases of septal bleeder, 44 cases are from septal area anterior to middle turbinate and 29 cases are from posterior to middle turbinate, which is followed by bleeder below inferior turbinate.
Secondly we wanted to emphasize the fact that care must be taken during septoplasty operation particularly while performing the intervention to the inferior septal area.
Anterior epistaxis can usually be treated by application of direct pressure on septal area, vasoconstrictor nasal drops, chemical and electrocautery, anterior nasal packing for 2-3 days and nasal tampons.
Positive reinforcement produced by electrical stimulation of septal area and other regions of rat brain.
Another area of the brain that showed more activity was the septal area, a pleasure center that plays a role in threat and stress reduction by inhibiting other regions of the brain that process threats, such as the amygdala.
Researchers found, for example, that the neural activity in the reward-related regions of the brain known as the ventral striatum and septal area, was especially noticeable in people offering support and care for a loved one experiencing pain.
Endogenous antipyretics attenuate fever by influencing the thermoregulatoty neurons in the preoptic region and anterior hypothalamus and in adjacent septal areas. Well known for its antidiuretic and vasopressive properties, AVP plays an important role in antipyresis via the ventral septal area of the limbic system.
In rat brain, because GABAergic neurons in the medial septal area link with cholinergic neurons that send projections to the hippocampus (Amaral and Kurtz, 1985; Gaykema et al., 1990), hippocampal ACh release from the cholinergic nerve terminal is inhibited by activating GABAA receptors located on the soma in the medial septal area (Imperato et al., 1994a; Moor et al., 1998).