separation phase

separation phase,

n in holistic nursing, the first segment of a ceremony or rite, in which a person makes a symbolic gesture of removing himself or herself from the busy and demanding activities of life. A person may adjourn to a sacred area for a period of time—which may be any place, including a room in one's house—but it can become more personal by adding an object of special importance such as a religious symbol or a burning candle. A feeling of calmness can be brought about by focusing on that particular object.
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During the separation phase, the solder paste has to break free from the aperture wall.
Invitation to bid: queen city sewer separation phase 2 (utility relocation)
Strander Boulevard Extension & Grade Separation Phase 3, $5 million.
The incident coincided with the separation phase of the Arabian Plate from the African Plate.
In the proposed model the recognition of crisis or transformational opportunity occurs during the separation phase of the mentoring relationship.
STAR STRUCK: The Duke of York congratulates lead scientist and designer Professor Colin Pillinger on the successful separation phase of the mission; Picture: STEFAN ROUSSEAU
Alternative separation phase columns now include zirconia, or if you prefer diamond-based columns which provide unsurpassed robustness at pH and temperature extremes.
Although it is difficult to say when the separation phase starts, we believe that it is easy, for a given individual, to say when the crisis phase began.
Winter is the "redefinition" phase or the outcome of the separation phase.
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