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An older term referring to a cancer involving the larynx and the apposed oesophagus. The term could still be useful, but because the word party as a synonym for shared, as in a two-party phone line, is fading from the working parlance, ‘shared’ seems less confusing
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theta],m] is a separating wall for the region R if and only if the Shi coordinates of the region R are the same as the Shi coordinates of its m-minimal alcove A and [h.
While separating walls are crumbling all over the world, it is ironic that the biggest walls being constructed in todayAAEs world occur only in Palestine: One by the apartheid state of Israel in the occupied West Bank and the other by Egypt across its border with the Gaza Strip
A significant improvement of the layer homogeneity is achieved by introducing additional elements with separating walls at the inlets and at the outlets of the mixing elements.
The motion is expected to call for consideration of creative safety measures, such as locks on stall doors or separating walls, before more costly options that involve adding or rebuilding restrooms.
As the film progresses, the Rorschach-like symmetries of the opening sequences are further upset when the Avengers-styled stunt-women break through the separating walls of the set to conjoin in sisterly embrace - an affectionate deformation that has the one caressing the face of the other with a hand become prosthetic foot.
Brick masonry, format 250 x 120 x 65 at armati separating walls 1/2 thick brick, height up to 4 m
Noise travels everywhere - people in the middle of a block have it coming from separating walls, floors, ceilings, outside walls and where the wall meets the floor.
South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, which runs the James Cook University Hospital, received more than pounds 800,000 from the SHA for refurbishing and building new sanitary facilities, erecting separating walls and also improving existing partitions.

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