separating strip

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sep·a·rat·ing strip

(sepăr-āt-ing strip)
A piece of plastic or metal used to prevent restorative resin from bonding to the tooth adjacent to the one being restored.
Synonym(s): plastic strip.
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Near Vasylivka marking, near Bratsk - set on a separating strip a wheel-break bar.
Sealing floor and wall tiles 480 m 2 separating strip 15 running meters
1 600 m 3 of topsoil supply, - about 9 500 m 3 excavated soil and landfill, - about 14 400 m 3 floor installation, - about 2 500 m drainage basins, - about 2,600 meters of seepage gullies and seepage strands, - about 4,300 meters of banquets and separating strips, - approx.
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