sentinel tag

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sen·ti·nel tag

projecting edematous skin at the lower end of an anal fissure.
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sen·ti·nel tag

(sen'ti-nĕl tag)
Projecting edematous skin at the lower end of an anal fissure.
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1. A small polyp or growth.
2. A label or tracer; or the application of a label or tracer.

hemorrhoidal tag

Remaining anal skin tag related to uneven postsurgical healing, spontaneous resolution of a previously enlarged external hemorrhoid, secondary to anal skin irritation, or external to an anal fissure.
See: sentinel pile

radioactive tag

A radioactive isotope that is incorporated into a chemical or organic material to allow its detection in metabolic or chemical processes. Synonym: radiolabel

sentinel tag

Sentinel pile.
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skin tag

A small outgrowth of skin, usually occurring on the neck, axilla, and groin.
See: illustration; acrochordonillustration
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