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The state or quality of being sensual.
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There is little sensuality wasted on this exclusively hotel bedroom-based fling but the multi-layered comedy is both dark and brilliant while retaining its ultimate danger.
Emotion and ideas have always been an integral part of Albanian poetry, but there has often been a conspicuous lack of sensuality and lust for life in literature, both in Albania and in Kosovo.
The Maurice M collection exudes beauty, happiness, success, strength, sensuality, elegance, and the future.
Award-winning author of the book, Nude: Unveiling Your Inner Beauty and Sensuality, Theresa Roemer, will launch her collection of Signature Truffles.
The evening voyage around New York City will reveal the intimate details of d'Gianni's latest line of sexy lingerie designed to inspire women to embrace their inner sensuality and beauty.
Hunting for the ideal beauty, which he hears in the music of Bach, Wagner, and Liszt, he is torn between thinking and feeling, reason and sensuality.
Giving tribute to living women like Alice Walker, Nancy Wilson, Oprah herself, Nikki Giovanni, Toni Morrison, Aretha Franklin, and others, the qualities of bravery, magic, and sensuality are evoked.
Major retrospective of the Irish designer who infused the industrial aesthetic of Modernism with opulence and sensuality.
Whitney is a workman, but one whose raw material is the stuff of sensuality.
As I grow older, and maybe even wiser, I realize what a grand mystery African American women are: how glorious their sense of womanhood; how captivating their strength and practicality; how mythic their ability to possess the many sides of sensuality.
To place the sterile and selfish sensuality of homosexuals on a par with the fecund and generous self-giving of parents makes a mockery of that quiet, long-suffering heroism known to many of us as Mom and Dad.
Take them through a journey of sensuality and mystery with Elemis' new exotic line.