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The state or quality of being sensual.
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All sensuality is one, though it takes many forms; all purity is one.
We discourse freely without shame of one form of sensuality, and are silent about another.
Any nobleness begins at once to refine a man's features, any meanness or sensuality to imbrute them.
In Italy, to be sure, the light of the Renaissance had its palpable shadow; in breaking away from the medieval bondage into the unhesitating enjoyment of all pleasure, the humanists too often overleaped all restraints and plunged into wild excess, often into mere sensuality.
We have found out fine names to cover our sensuality withal, but no gifts can raise intemperance.
Azmi said:"When a leading lady says that 'it's alright, I want to celebrate my sensuality in those songs', I have no problem with that.
Expressing the sensuality of Georges Bizet's smouldering Carmen, who leaves a destructive trail of heartbreak as the story progresses from Seville, to the gypsies' den in the mountains, to the rousing finale at the bullring, is challenging.
I love erotic literature that allows the reader to connect with the characters, to participate in the sensuality.
The film eschews repression and celebrates freedom and sensuality.
The book is a guide on relationships, beauty and sensuality.
New Delhi, July 16 -- We have been seeing many perfume campaigns using sensuality as their principal theme and attracting millions to the perfume sale counters.
Series descriptions, the bulk of the book, list all titles in the series and give an overview of the characters and plot, plus ratings on plot type, violence, humor, and sensuality.