sensory stimulation

sensory stimulation,

n in acupuncture, the practice of inserting needles into skin and tissue to coax the body into using its energy to heal itself.
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It provides Charlie with too much sensory stimulation, it's too noisy, too big, too many people, too wet, too dirty, the list is endless.
Hunter notes that the frogs are probably not assessing the quality of each call so much as responding to sensory stimulation.
Neuromod's non-invasive mutebutton device uses bi-modal neuromodulation via simultaneous auditory stimulation in the ear and sensory stimulation on the tongue to promote positive changes in neuroplasticity in parts of the brain implicated in tinnitus.
Items that spark memories through sensory stimulation are hugely effective and have proven benefits for those living with dementia.
This comprehensive kit provides sensory stimulation by the tiny polymers that expand to over 200 times their original size when left sitting in water.
It has been recognized that through sensory stimulation and repetitious mental exercises resulting from repetitive finger movement indenting into mechanoreceptors, memory is increased, cognitive abilities improved, anxiety, depression and stress released.
We will test these hypothesis during spontaneous activity, sensory stimulation and behavior.
Rahnama'i, Maastricht University Medical Center, Maastricht, The Netherlands, 'An Imaging Biomarker for Bladder Activity Disorders: Functional Magnetic Resonance 7 Tesla Imaging ( fMRI) in combination with urodynamics to study the effect of bladder sensory stimulation on Brain activity in Patients with a Bladder activity disorder, including the effect of antimuscarinic and beta mimetic agents'
The TGD-026 School Design Guide accounts for pupils with ASD who may display extreme sensitivity to sensory stimulation by "reducing environmental stimuli through directing attention to the amount and type of visual, aural, tactile and olfactory stimulation; providing visual structure and also by creating a predictable and structured school and classroom environment" (p.
Upon completion, the rug will be displayed and used in the home for reminiscence and tactile sensory stimulation.
Amenities include activity rooms, male and female gyms, therapy rooms, a sensory stimulation room, hair salon, laundry and a portable X-ray machine," al-Raisi said.