sensory stimulation

sensory stimulation,

n in acupuncture, the practice of inserting needles into skin and tissue to coax the body into using its energy to heal itself.
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School is often too much sensory stimulation for Stanley, leading to humiliating breakdowns.
The recording of changes made on the motor response by sensory stimulation given a certain period before motor stimulation gives the electrophysiological information in the assessment of SMI.
Because ever-ready sensory stimulation stops youngsters visualising and invent things - creating their own worlds and characters.
Sensory stimulation combined with deep breathing keeps your attention front and center.
There is also a pleasant garden area with different types of flowers and plants for sensory stimulation.
This search for sensory stimulation is providing a boon for the global fra- grance industry.
Delving deeply into a rich variety of primary sources, Stanev first takes us through the overwhelming sensory stimulation that Jacobean London had to offer.
Meanwhile, a variety of textures, such as sand, wood chippings or gravel, will provide extra sensory stimulation.
The Twiddle Mits are not for everyone, but they do have the potential to be a great source of comfort for those seeking and needing sensory stimulation when used appropriately.
Even though culture is a complex concept, a good quality picture book can gently take the young reader beyond pure sensory stimulation and the novelty of seeing and hearing new things to explore why we do things and think the way we do, and why it is okay to be the same and different at the same time.
It provides Charlie with too much sensory stimulation, it's too noisy, too big, too many people, too wet, too dirty, the list is endless.