sensory receptors

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sen·so·ry re·cep·tors

peripheral endings of afferent neurons.
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The word "observations" here means not just seeing objects or events via the optical sense, but perceiving them via any of our sensory receptors either with or without the aid of instruments.
In both conditions, the loss of sensory receptors or the sensory receptive organs predisposes an individual to hallucinations, and, in both cases, the individual recognizes the hallucinatory or unreal nature of the experience.
The ankle muscles then contract sharply to maintain balance, thereby decreasing the ability of the sensory receptors to determine the exact position of the foot on the ground.
The many forms and flavours of these dispersions of tiny air bubbles, ice crystals, fat globules and casein micelles in thick, sweet-flavoured syrup have the potential to provide the human sensory receptors with the highest levels of enjoyment.
A general feature common to all forms of sensory processing is adaptation, whereby in the presence of continuous stimulation, sensory receptors exhibit a marked reduction in responsiveness.
However, the specific odours and sensory receptors that control this effect on aging were unknown.
We have sensory receptors for light, sound, touch, hot and cold, and smell, but we don't have sensory receptors for time.
Pheromones are chemical cues given off by animals that trigger others' behavior by binding to sensory receptors in the vomeronasal organ in mice.
Rounding out the superior formula is methyl nicotinate, to stimulate sensory receptors and increase blood flow and menthe virdis leaf extract (spearmint,) to add a refreshing tingle and naturally fresh fragrance.
So if TV's a remote experience (in more ways than one), what about assaults on other sensory receptors such as our noses?
The laryngeal closure reflex is elicited by stimulation of epicritical sensory receptors, ubiquitous but particularly rich in the arytenoid mucosa and on the laryngeal surface of the epiglottis.
These are the sensory receptors of the olfactory bulb.