sensory processing

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the subjecting of something to a series of operations or events to produce desired changes.
sensory processing the ability to interpret sensory stimuli, a performance component of occupational therapy.

sensory processing

means by which the brain receives, detects, and integrates incoming sensory information for use in producing adaptive responses to one's environment.

sen·so·ry pro·ces·sing

(sen'sŏr-ē pros'es-ing)
Interpreting and organizing varied stimuli, including those acquired by the tactile, proprioceptive, visual, vestibular, auditory, gustatory, and olfactory senses.
See also: sensory integration, sensory awareness
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Estimated rates of sensory processing disorders for children with developmental disabilities have been derived from reliable and valid survey results and are reported to be as high as 40% to 88% (Tomchek & Dunn, 2007).
If the sensory inputs required for those tasks aren't working properly, you have sensory processing disorder.
A Guide to Help Your Child Develop Positive Approaches to Learning and Cope with Sensory Processing Difficulty," currently available online at Amazon.
com/news/peculiar-hat-displays-your-thoughts-as-colours/) CNet explained that the headgear was designed to help those with Sensory Processing Disorder.
He said at the Centre, the classroom-based activities were provided to promote sensory processing, motor skills, communication and language development.
The fact that the changes occurred in the cortex, an advanced sensory processing center structured about the same way in most mammals, suggests that flexibility across the senses is a fundamental trait of mammals' brains, Kanold said.
of Leicester and has a brother with autism and mental health problems, consider the relationship between autism spectrum disorders and mental health difficulties in children and young people and how parents and professionals can identify and treat these co-morbid conditions, including obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, eating disorders, psychosis, stress, sleep problems, Tourette's syndrome, depression, sensory processing problems and executive functioning difficulties, and self-harm, with information on definitions, causes, prevalence, presentation, diagnosis, and management.
We need more sensory equipment for our sensory den as children with DS often have sensory processing issues.
Mum Donna Bowes has told how her sons, particularly 11-year-old Stuart who has learning difficulties and a sensory processing disorder, are struggling to cope with the loss.
The researchers were surprised to find that the brain effects could be seen in many areas, including those involved in sensory processing and not merely those associated with emotion, said Dr.
The effect of sound-based intervention on children with sensory processing disorders and visual-motor delays.
Mixed Signals: Understanding and Treating Your Child's Sensory Processing Issues" is book studying sensory differences children may face and the problems that can arise from these problems.