sensory processing

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the subjecting of something to a series of operations or events to produce desired changes.
sensory processing the ability to interpret sensory stimuli, a performance component of occupational therapy.
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sen·so·ry pro·ces·sing

(sen'sŏr-ē pros'es-ing)
Interpreting and organizing varied stimuli, including those acquired by the tactile, proprioceptive, visual, vestibular, auditory, gustatory, and olfactory senses.
See also: sensory integration, sensory awareness
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Temperament trait of sensory processing sensitivity moderates cultural differences in neural response.
The SP3D has been developed to measure all aspects of sensory processing and has evolved from a tool called the Sensory Processing scale (Schoen, Miller, & Sullivan, 2014), which was originally designed to measure only sensory modulation behaviors.
Unusual sensory processing negatively influences the daily lives of people with ASD.
This literature review reveals gaps in the current evidence on sensory processing in children with ASD over time and underlines the need for further research on the subject.
Short Sensory Profile (SSP) (Dunn, 1999), is a 38 item caregiver questionnaire that evaluates children's sensory processing in everyday situations.
Sensory Processing Disorder creates challenges in performing everyday tasks, and can affect motor skills and behaviour but patients can be helped through occupational therapy.
Sensory Processing Challenges: Effective Clinical Work With Kids & Teens
They have built an artificial sensory processing system that exhibits cognitive abilities.
Older adults have greater difficulty mentally filtering out extraneous information than younger adults do, probably because of age-related changes affecting brain regions responsible for vision and sensory processing. A study published Nov 3, 2012 in The Journal of Neuroscience suggests that the inability to "tune in" on information may negatively impact the way information is encoded into memory.
The title of his thesis was Stress Activated Protein Kinase: Central Mediator of Stress and Infection-induced Changes in Sensory Processing, Learning and Memory in Honeybee (Apis Mellifera).
Provider of power management technology National Semiconductor Corp (NYSE:NSM) has acquired the technology of GTronix, a fabless semiconductor company specialising in programmable and adaptive analogue sensory processing technology.