sensory awareness

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sensory awareness the ability to receive and differentiate sensory stimuli.

sen·so·ry a·ware·ness

(sen'sŏr-ē ă-wār'nĕs)
The ability to receive and differentiate various types of sensory stimuli.

Sensory awareness

Bringing attention to the sensations of tension and/or release in the muscles.
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Taking these women's crying songs as a starting point she investigates a broad spectrum of themes that go beyond this specific subject: the place of ecology in Yolngu music; the difficult to grasp concept of emotion; how sensory awareness of the landscape and seascape is expressed and experienced through this poetic genre, how ancestral knowledge is transmitted and finally how ancestral song is understood and experienced in Christian contexts.
They spent most of each day practicing Vipassana meditation, which focuses on reducing mental distractions and heightening sensory awareness.
I have seen, first-hand, the wonderful progress these children make in sensory awareness and concept and language development, and I believe these services make a difference in the lives of infants with visual impairments.
This exercise helps improve sensory awareness, balance and co-ordination ( which all contribute to good posture.
The session - which includes nature-themed mediation and techniques designed to create sensory awareness of your high peaks surroundings - is inspired by a love of yoga and passion for the outdoors.
To help create this appreciation, educators can use a number of different tools, such as, visiting a special place, sharing their own attitudes about the resource, and sensory awareness activities.
Creativity, nine truly talented men and women drawn from the broad field of the Arts focus upon the wellsprings of their own particular creativity, how sensory awareness affects their creative process, what creativity feels like, and how creativity is an integral part of their personal and professional lives.
A spectacular assemblage of Horn's sculptures, films and installations made over thirty years inspired by allusions to the body, sensory awareness, physical frailty and desire.
From games devoted to increasing memorization and sensory awareness to improvisation and motor skills development routines, 112 Acting Games can apply equally well to adults and student actors.
Borsellino maintained that he examined the patient after receiving Nurse Castillo's' call and tested both the patient's muscle strength and sensory awareness and found him to be neurologically intact.
But beyond that, the need for quad and calf strength, upper-body coordination, balance, and sensory awareness both of others and of abrupt terrain changes on the mountain makes skiing an exceedingly challenging sport to perform safely at the speeds it insists upon by sheer force of gravity.