sensory awareness

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sensory awareness the ability to receive and differentiate sensory stimuli.

sen·so·ry a·ware·ness

(sen'sŏr-ē ă-wār'nĕs)
The ability to receive and differentiate various types of sensory stimuli.

Sensory awareness

Bringing attention to the sensations of tension and/or release in the muscles.
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By incorporating the twelve key capabilities, such as sensory awareness, creative imagination, emotional and self-awareness, parents and educators can promote the three most critical tools for children's survival and success: continuous learning, problem solving, and increased knowledge and meaning.
The second looks at basic attention to sensory awareness and non-verbal communication; the analyst is then equipped to judge and critique both the patient's subjectivity and their body.
The parent watches the child trade his "now" sensory awareness for an limited physical participation (tapping on a tiny screen) in enhanced, artificial world, seductive in all aspects.
"Noseblindness is the combination of odor adaptation, a decrease in ability to sense odors after initial exposure, and odor habituation, a decrease in sensory awareness towards a fixed familiar signal within the environment," said Dr.
But the overall sensory awareness of its environment is extremely good due to excellent hearing and sense of smell, combined with the numerous long whiskers on the narrow elongated snout that helps the animal feel its way around and detect prey.
Some of the strategies for effective communication discussed are awareness--be it is behavior awareness (consciousness of abstracting), verbal awareness, or sensory awareness, listening, extensional orientation, the General Semantics device called "dating," and the scientific attitude to use communication styles that are powerful and that enable us to take control of our lives.
A central topic of philosophy throughout the ages has been whether human beings can trust their minds, including their sensory awareness and thinking.
Archeologists working nearby uncover physical evidence of former lives, and deaths, whilst the girls' extra sensory awareness alerts them to related manifestations from that past.
It really helps with the babies' digestion, breathing and sensory awareness. Simple exercises like this can really help children to sleep better at night."
The combinations of an acute sensory awareness, a wider view of the world and overall intuitiveness gives women a better advantage in sensing signals that are almost always weak for men to detect.
The Moon spends virtually all of the day in your sign, great for giving your sensory awareness a healthy boost.
Therapy included thermal tactile stimulation, which increases sensory awareness in the oral cavity and decreases the delay between oral stage of the swallow and the onset of the trigger of the pharyngeal swallow.