sensitizing dose

sen·si·tiz·ing dose

in experimental anaphylaxis, the antigenic inoculum that renders an animal susceptible (sensitive) to anaphylactic shock following a subsequent inoculum (shocking dose) of the same antigen (anaphylactogen).
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1 day after treatment with colchicine), a sensitizing dose of 2% DNCB about 0.1ml dissolved in acetone was applied on the right side of skin of thorax region below arm of each mice in treated groups.
1 day after treatment with ketoprofen), a sensitizing dose of 2% DNCB in acetone was applied to mice in both control and ketoprofen treated groups.
It was anticipated that only the group of mice administered with 10 mg/kg showed a significant reduction in the mean values of skin thickness when compared with the mean values of other groups after applying a sensitizing dose of DNCB (Table III).
right flank region for sensitizing dose and left flank for challenge dose.