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To render sensitive; to induce acquired sensitivity, to immunize.
See also: sensitized antigen.
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v. sensi·tized, sensi·tizing, sensi·tizes
To make hypersensitive or reactive to an antigen, such as pollen, especially by a second or repeated exposure.
To become sensitive or hypersensitive.

sen′si·ti·za′tion (-tĭ-zā′shən) n.
sen′si·tiz′er n.
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To render sensitive; to induce acquired sensitivity, to immunize.
See also: sensitized antigen
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Patient discussion about sensitize

Q. I had cataract surgery with iol implant, and ever since I have awful light sensitivity. Any ideas? I can't go into a "super store" without my sunglasses. My eyes ache at the end of the day. My doctor says "I don't know!"

A. May sound a bit silly question, but have you tried to consult your ophthalmologist (eye doctor, e.g. the one that performed the operation) about it? Cataract surgery, although considered very successful, isn't problem-free. Primary physician may not have the necessary specialization to deal with these subjects.

Q. I heard that patients are highly sensitive to their senses? what are the most common symptoms of fibromyalgia and can they be aggravated? I heard that patients are highly sensitive to their senses?

A. Great answeer...couldn't agree more!

Q. when my aunt went through chemo (for colon cancer) her palms became VERY sensitive and had a burning feeling is there any way to prevent this from happening to my mom who is starting her chemo now? If not, what it the best treatment for it?

A. What you describe sounds like peripheral neuropathy, a well known side effect of platinum chemotherapy which is used for colon cancer. Several measures, including giving infusion of calcium and magnesium, and glutathione were found to reduce the rate of this complication, although further studies are necessary.

However, the information is only general advice, since I haven't examined your mother so if you have any questions about this subject, it may be wise to consult a doctor (e.g. oncologist).

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In long-term follow-up studies of workers with sensitizer-induced occupational asthma, the clinical symptoms have been reported to persist in approximately 70% of affected workers who were no longer exposed to the sensitizing agent (Chan-Yeung and Malo 1999; Malo et al.
'Without sensitizing women with the menace of corruption, the society can't be developed.
Professor Israr Ahmad stressed upon those related with medical profession to keep sensitizing general masses about the importance of cleanliness and sanitation.
It was confirmed that the reason of the deterioration of photoenergy-conversion efficiency against thermal stress is desorption of the sensitizing dyes from the surface of Ti[O.sub.2] electrode into the electrolyte [12, 29, 30].
Investigation of lymph node cell proliferation as a possible immunological correlate of contact sensitizing potential.
Because this latex allergy develops only after some sensitizing contact with rubber, health care workers were one the first populations recognized to face a major risk.
Preliminary experiments whereby ovalbumin was used as the sensitizing antigen demonstrated that the BN rat is a promising species for the development of an oral sensitization animal model.
David Berd, an oncologist at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, injected 24 patients who had metastatic melanoma with pieces of their own tumors coated with the immune-system sensitizing agent dinitrophenyl.