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1. A substance that causes allergy or dermatitis only after alteration (sensitization) of the skin by previous exposure to that substance.
2. Synonym(s): antibody


(sĕn′sĭ-tī″zĕr) [L. sensitivus, of sensation]
In allergy and dermatology, a substance that makes the susceptible individual react to the same or other irritants.


see antigen.

Patient discussion about sensitizer

Q. I had cataract surgery with iol implant, and ever since I have awful light sensitivity. Any ideas? I can't go into a "super store" without my sunglasses. My eyes ache at the end of the day. My doctor says "I don't know!"

A. May sound a bit silly question, but have you tried to consult your ophthalmologist (eye doctor, e.g. the one that performed the operation) about it? Cataract surgery, although considered very successful, isn't problem-free. Primary physician may not have the necessary specialization to deal with these subjects.

Q. I heard that patients are highly sensitive to their senses? what are the most common symptoms of fibromyalgia and can they be aggravated? I heard that patients are highly sensitive to their senses?

A. Great answeer...couldn't agree more!

Q. when my aunt went through chemo (for colon cancer) her palms became VERY sensitive and had a burning feeling is there any way to prevent this from happening to my mom who is starting her chemo now? If not, what it the best treatment for it?

A. What you describe sounds like peripheral neuropathy, a well known side effect of platinum chemotherapy which is used for colon cancer. Several measures, including giving infusion of calcium and magnesium, and glutathione were found to reduce the rate of this complication, although further studies are necessary.

However, the information is only general advice, since I haven't examined your mother so if you have any questions about this subject, it may be wise to consult a doctor (e.g. oncologist).

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For the purpose of binary predictions, a composite reference was defined to classify a sensitizer as a compound that is categorized as having a human potency (HP) (Basketter et al.
The photoanode is normally comprised of Titanium Dioxide attached with sensitizer dye (Ruthenium N719) coated on a transparent conductive substrate.
The assay is based on the findings that skin sensitizers may act on the sensor protein Keap 1 and, via covalent bonding, modify its structure resulting in dissociation from the transcription factor Nrf2.
Researchers compared insulin sensitizers and insulin secretagogues in a study that included more than 25,000 patients with diabetes.
Along with lifestyle changes which include dietary and exercise regimen , insulin sensitizers are emerging as new and rational treatment modality.
All these factors are closely associated with the ground and excited electronic states of the dye sensitizer.
Considerations in relation to the therapeutic use of light activated killing of biofilms on host surfaces include: (1) direct toxicity of the sensitizer, (2) indirect toxicity of the sensitizer in terms of 'bystander' damage to adjacent host cells, (3) penetration into the biofilm, (4) light exposure time required to kill bacteria within in vivo biofilms, and (5) widespread relatively non-specific bacterial killing.
In this study, we investigated the photobleaching of pyropheophorbide methyl ester (PPME) and pyropheophorbide a (PPa) in a homogeneous solution of dimethylformamide (DMF) during PDT and estimated whether fluorescence photobleaching of the sensitizer or the formation of its photoproduct is appropriate for evaluating PDT dose.
Chain and leader of the research team that originally discovered rosiglitazone as a diabetes treatment commented: "If insulin sensitizer drugs such as Rosiglitazone proves affective in clinical trials those results will surely herald an important new therapeutic option to improve the quality of life for people all over the world who suffer from various dementias as well as normal age-related memory loss.
To conclude, Cisplatin appears to be better than Gemcitabine when used as a radio sensitizer for untreated locally advanced cervical cancer in terms of response and toxicity.
a biotechnology company focused on developing novel therapeutics for diabetes and related metabolic disorders, has begun a double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase 2a, proof-of-concept study for MBX-2044, an oral insulin sensitizer for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.
Metabolex is partnering with Ortho-McNeil, a Johnson & Johnson company, to develop and commercialize products for diabetes and metabolic disease, including Metabolex's lead drug candidate, metaglidasen, a second-generation insulin sensitizer now in a Phase 2/3 clinical trial.