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In general, these methods produced lower estimates of sensitivities and specificities, sometimes even producing estimates that were too conservative (see Fig.
2C and D illustrate the combined effects of measurement errors and sensitivities on absolute (2C) and relative (2D) concentration errors.
One of the characteristics of chemical sensitivities is that people tend to have bigger reactions to ever-smaller amounts of substances," says Suzanne Olson of the Environmental Health Network.
Prevalence of people reporting sensitivities to chemicals in a population-based survey.
Together, the products allow designers to understand the soft error risk and sensitivities of their design, IP block or library before it is released to production -- in contrast to today's approach of knowing only after the finished product has been tested in a neutron beam facility.
Current research includes chemical induction of asthma and rhinitis, airway problems associated with multiple chemical sensitivities and sick building syndrome, and organophosphate poisoning.
Fannie Mae (NYSE:FNM), the nation's largest source of financing for home mortgages, today announced that it has made initial disclosure of the interest rate risk and credit risk sensitivities it pledged to adopt as part of its voluntary market discipline, liquidity and safety and soundness initiatives of October 19, 2000.
The ELAST Device(TM) is a patented, non-invasive diagnostic tool designed to accurately diagnose allergies, as well as food and chemical sensitivities immediately and without any of the pain or expense associated with currently employed testing methods.
The Electronic Allergo Sensitivity Test (ELAST Device(TM)) is a non-invasive, technologically advanced allergy testing device that is expected to offer physicians immediate and more accurate diagnoses of allergies and sensitivities without the pain or expense associated with currently employed methods.
Researchers at the NCI have compiled a database that records the sensitivities of the 60 cancer cells to each of 70,000 chemical compounds.
The new filter simultaneously protects the base station receiver against interfering signals while achieving sensitivities far superior to any conventional technology.
tested patients with known allergies and sensitivities, employing both the ELAST Device(TM) and other allergy testing methods.