sensitive type

sensitive type,

n one who is highly susceptible to a given stimulus, such as an environmental chemical or homeopathic remedy. See also adverse drug reaction, constitution, receptivity, and typology.
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My fiance isn't the sensitive type and has a sense of humour, so at first he laughed it off.
Tenders are invited for Irreversible Type Self Adhesive Temperature Sensitive Type Labels Size - 51 X 18 Mm Temperature Range 71 Degree Celcius To 110 Degree Celcius Similar To Label B Of R.
The particular type of piety that we will try to gain in Ramadan is the very sensitive type.
They're both very different characters, Charles-Cook supremely confident; a bubbly and infectious personality who has always got a beaming smile on his face while Burge is a lot quieter and more introvert; a thoughtful, determined and, perhaps, more sensitive type.
But it is particularly important for sensitive Type As to eat their food in as natural a state as possible: pure, fresh and organic.
Putting it mildly, things do not end well, so if you are the sensitive type, make sure to take a few tissues with you.
If you're the sensitive type, then maybe a track or two from the likes of Damien Rice or James Blunt will be more to your liking.
To do this, they developed a new, highly sensitive type of atomic force microscopy (AFM), allowing them to measure how aggrecan reacts at the nanoscale to very high loading rates (the speeds at which forces are applied).
Request for registration of suppliers to supply spare parts for cylindrical flour mills and for automatic bakeries, for grain silos & macaroni factories, riddling fabrics and screens, also all types of belts, bescole scales, pallet & sensitive type scales.
We have found that there's a great footprint there for being able to do that very precise and very sensitive type of activity.
Even though the front porch is enjoying a renaissance in many new developments of the New Urbanism and environmentally sensitive type, it's still considered a luxury rather than a must-have.