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Perception using elemental sense rather than abstract cognition..
[sense, fr. Fr., fr. L. sentio, sensus, to feel, + -ing]
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Patient discussion about sensing

Q. I heard that patients are highly sensitive to their senses? what are the most common symptoms of fibromyalgia and can they be aggravated? I heard that patients are highly sensitive to their senses?

A. Great answeer...couldn't agree more!

Q. I am getting a sense of fear that I am getting addicted to alcohol. hi my friends……I am getting a sense of fear that I am getting addicted to alcohol; I am not sure of it as I drink casually in parties and I feel like having it again alone….I don’t always get the feel of satisfaction. Moreover if there is no party I keep a party and once with the party I drink again alone…it’s just making my head turn to alcohol after party. has negative results in me as I have problem in getting my job done and I have lost huge money….please guide me…..I don’t want to go to doctor as I may lose my job if my office knows about it…

A. Though alcohol can be consumed in a social life, as the proverb says ‘too much of anything is good for nothing’ more than adequate consumption of alcohol will amount to health issue which is a concern for anyone. A will is an instrument to change the direction of the flow you desire. I guess these are thoughts you require now. May be you are towards alcoholism, but a diagnosis test in the form of questionnaire hints on the persons will to accept and leave the alcohol. You have shown will to accept that you may be an alcoholic but leaving is the part of treatment and must be guided. For that please make your will strong to leave or reduce the consumption of alcohol to have a happy life ?

Q. I have a very acute sense of smell. Most things that have a smell cause me to have Migraines every day. I have heard that a chiropractor is who I need to treat me for this problem. Anyone else here have this problem? What have you done and were you able to treat it?

A. I can't remember where I heard about the chiropractor's involvement but it is really unpleasant. I tend to make life unpleasant for others to, just not to have a migraine. Things like cooking popcorn, perfumes, trash and many other things will give me a migraine (not a headache) right away. It may be called Hyperosmia (abnormal sense of smell).

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