sensible heat

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sen·si·ble heat

the amount of heat that, when absorbed by a substance, causes a rise in temperature. Compare: latent heat.
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4.Calculation of sensible heat flux (QS) in Cha-bahar Bay:
In summary, sensible heat systems are favoured because engineers have many years' experience of them and they are relatively cheap.
As a result, the resistance to heat transfer is strengthened and the sensible heat exchange is weakened.
The mixed air enters the chilled water coil, taking the sensible heat ([[??]]) and latent heat ([[??]]) of air away.
That thermal energy can be stored in several different ways: as a change in internal energy of a material as sensible heat, as latent heat, as thermochemical changes, or as combination of these.
Two exhaust-air heat-recovery systems--one with only a sensible heat-recovery coil and one that combined latent and sensible heat recovery--were evaluated.
"Later in the day, as net solar radiation increases, most of the urban surface materials absorb and store a lot of energy [and] convert most of this energy into sensible heat flux," Nievares said.
The authors also estimated the gasket infiltration load, which is the sum of the sensible heat load and the latent load, both functions of the leakage flow rate.
This equation expresses the partition of the net radiation (Rn) between soil heat flux (G), sensible heat flux (H) and latent heat flux (LE), corresponding to evaporation for a bare soil and transpiration for vegetation canopy.
The glass has an invisible thin-film metallic or oxide coating which allows the passage of short-wave solar energy into a building without allowing sensible heat and light to escape.
The heat transfer fluid removes the high temperature solar heat from the receiver and it is afterwards collected into an insulated heat storage tank to be pumped, on demand, to heat users where it releases its sensible heat. Finally, the heat carrier fluid is stored into a lower temperature tank ready to restart the solar heat collection loop.