sensible heat

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sen·si·ble heat

the amount of heat that, when absorbed by a substance, causes a rise in temperature. Compare: latent heat.
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Tenders are invited for Work Of Repairing Of Window Ac/ Split Ac/ High Sensible Heat Factor Ac At Various Te Bldg.
For cooling applications, an ice-based phasechange system was chosen, while for heating a brickbased sensible heat device was chosen.
Increasing application of sensible technology such as underground storage of sensible heat in both liquid and solid storage medium is also used for various applications including district heating and cooling systems.
The load on the heating coil is from sensible heating alone and the load on the heating coil is calculated from the sensible heat formula shown in Equation 2 (ASHRAE 2013c):
Sensible heat type storage system uses temperature change to charge the material and discharges while required.
It's been proven that heat is mainly transferred due to the exchange of sensible heat compared with latent heat [16].
They offer additional features such as high cubic feet per minute (CFM) and sensible heat ratio.
2003), the way energy is partitioned between latent heat flux and sensible heat flux changes surface fluxes and therefore the climate.
These include energy efficient electric motors, heat recovery wheels wherein the desiccant wheels retrieve both sensible and latent heat in addition to plate exchangers for sensible heat recovery and heat pipe exchanges.
The editor has organized the twenty-three contributions that make up the main body of the text in four parts devoted to sensible heat storage systems, latent heat storage systems, thermochemical heat storage systems, and systems operations and applications.