sense of identity

sense of i·den·ti·ty

one's sense of one's own identity or psychological selfhood.
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The exhibition invites visitors to consider how the everyday activities of 'choosing' and 'making' contribute to our sense of identity and the construction of the self.
The scheme will bring a real sense of identity and place to Shrewsbury Street and adjacent neighbourhoods, and the new facilities and amenities will form the centrepiece of the Trust's long-term masterplan for the wider Old Trafford area.
It was easier when many felt a sense of identity with a particular political party because they had an outlook based upon class.
Never knowing if she'll see Boris again, Veronika slowly begins to rebuild her life and sense of identity.
In his second programme tonight,he's exploring the notion of family and how that shapes our sense of identity.
These are the issues of communities with a gaping hole in their sense of identity, their sense of pride, their very heart.
Synopsis: A majority of American workers, 55%, get a sense of identity from their jobs, a finding consistent over time.
Wake up before we lose our sense of identity altogether.
a/ While celebrating 125 years of being, MHP no longer gains a strong sense of identity from the past, or from the neighbourhood where it sits.
This speaks volumes for the strong sense of identity and purpose shared by all sections of the school community.
The concept of culinary capital (which originated with French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu) can be used to make sense of food as an economic and cultural commodity, to demonstrate how a society's food practices perpetuate or challenge prevailing values, and to understand how this is connected to the work of creating and sustaining a sense of identity.
On the basis of this case study, this paper proposes that the sense of identity derives from two components, one delivering the content of the memory and the other generating the sense of mineness.