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The physician's understanding of the patient's sense of humor allows that physician a marked increase in depth and dimension of communication with a given patient.
McGhee's book includes several exercises that may be helpful in assessing and developing a sense of humor.
I cannot end this without thanking the members of TEI's staff for all of their understanding, support, friendship, and most of all their sense of humor, which keeps me going
Due to the previously mentioned literature indicating the importance of humor, this investigation focused on the possible interplay between humor usage and players "liking" the coach, using the three following specifically related questions: "The coach has a sense of humor," "I like the coach," and "The coach usually finds something comical, witty, or funny in many situations.
Some said they regretted that they couldn't appreciate the Japanese sense of humor and conversation, which was translated for the headset-wearing audience members.
Consisting primarily of short prose poems, this collection highlights Mullen's finely tuned sense of humor and sharp social criticism.
If CEO Dad can do for CEOs what my sense of humor has done for my relations with my father, it will give them a lighter touch.
The sense of humor is a major component of the sense of adventure that all (and I mean all) homesteaders have.
Ken has a high degree of professionalism and integrity, and even though he does not smile in his picture for DAV Magazine, he has a good sense of humor.
Managing managers, making decisions, tolerating diversity and showing a sense of humor are other marks of leadership that physician executives should possess.
Published reports provide little support for the theory that a sense of humor diminishes daily stress levels and none for the notion that it adds years to one's life, he adds.
Evoking the not-so-distant past when we still saw aviation as a technological miracle and technology as something to be celebrated in art, they simultaneously remind us, often with an endearingly macabre sense of humor, that we no longer think that way.