Senior Moment

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A transient lapse in memory attributed to age-associated memory impairment, as experienced by a senior citizen
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My daughter frequently does the same so to call them senior moments is a tad unfair.
The producers of Senior Moments are looking for energetic and enthusiastic pensioners in Dublin tomorrow.
It seems that check-writing has become precarious for older people because of poor vision, unsteady hands, and the brain playing tricks-what we kindly call senior moments.
Join the Team - Eugene's own Senior Moments Dance Team and Flash Mob has space for a few new dancers.
A LONE TRAVELLER When young the past seems so far away, they truly Were olden days, Last week, long ago when looking forward with Youthful eyes and mind, As you age, the past closes, it nears you somehow, Like yesterday not last week, You were there, that different you, with a naivety, And a feeling you could conquer the world, You in an adult world, trying to make your way, And being ignored or overruled, Now it is senior moments where sometimes the Same world ceases to exist, The blurred pictures of your life, was it really Like that or am I making it up?
As some of us get on in years, there are bound to be senior moments on the allotments.
As I am suffering badly from senior moments, all the event is a bit scratchy.
The senior moments that pass like a grey mist through my addled mind may be down to all that super-strength cider I downed in my salad days, however.
At Leicester (M to L stage, psychedelic light show but, in truth, not quite the joyful spirit of the Academy) he launched straight into Forever Changes and suffered a couple of senior moments along the way, omitting drummer David Green from his name-check routine and momentarily going off lyrical course on, of all things, You Set The Scene.
Eugene's Senior Moments Dance Team - Seeks new dancers age 50 and older.
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