senile lentigo

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 [len-ti´go] (L.)
a flat, brownish pigmented spot on the skin due to increased deposition of melanin and an increased number of melanocytes; a freckle. (See Atlas 2, Part O.)
lentigo malig´na (malignant lentigo) see lentigo maligna melanoma.
senile lentigo (lentigo seni´lis,) (solar lentigo) a small smooth round brownish patch appearing on the face, neck, or back of the hands of many older people, caused by an increase in pigment; these are entirely harmless. Although these spots are associated with aging, it is not age that is the principal cause but many years of exposure to sun and wind. Called also liver spot.
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se·nile len·ti·go

a variably pigmented benign lentigo occurring on exposed skin of older white people.
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liver spot

A nonspecific lay term for red-brown skin lesions associated with ageing—e.g., pigmented seborrheic keratosis and lentigo senilis.
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se·nile len·ti·go

(sen'il len-tī'gō)
A variably pigmented lentigo occurring on exposed skin of old white people.
Synonym(s): liver spot.
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