senile hemangioma

se·nile he·man·gi·o·ma

red papules caused by weakening of dermal capillary walls, which do not blanch on pressure, seen mostly in persons over 30 years of age.
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se·nile he·man·gi·oma

(sen'il hē-man'jē-ō'mă)
A red papule due to weakening of the capillary wall, seen mostly in people over 30 years of age.
Synonym(s): Campbell de Morgan spots, De Morgan spot.
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De Morgan,

Campbell, English physician, 1811-1876.
Campbell De Morgan spots - congenital anomaly in which proliferation of blood vessels leads to a mass resembling a neoplasm; primarily seen on skin and in subcutaneous tissue; incidence increases with age. Synonym(s): cherry angioma; De Morgan spots; senile hemangioma
De Morgan spots - Synonym(s): Campbell De Morgan spots
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