senile chorea

se·nile cho·re·a

a disorder resembling Sydenham chorea, not associated with cardiac disease or dementia, occurring in the aged.
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Tourette's syndrome, Meige syndrome, primary dystonias, Ekbom syndrome (restless legs), spontaneous dyskinesias associated with aging (senile chorea), edentulous chorea
(a) Etiology Comments Tardive dyskinesia Common, especially secondary to antipsychotic medicines Sydenham chorea Post-streptococcal; in 20% cases of rheumatic fever; children Systemic lupus Chorea in 1-7% erythematosus Neurosyphilis Usually concomitant HIV infection Hyperthyroidism Chorea in 2% of cases; usually young-middle age adults Drug-induced chorea Lithium, antiepileptic agents, stimulants, L-dopa, estrogen Pregnancy Rare; increased risk with history of Sydenham chorea Polycythemia vera Chorea in 0.5-5% of cases Senile chorea Late onset; may be clinically indistinguishable from late-onset HD Basal ganglia lesions Strokes, infections, tumors (a) Note that genetic factors are important in many of these conditions, although none is strictly a Mendelian disorder.