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The dried root of Polygala senega (family Polygalaceae), an herb of eastern and central North America; an expectorant.
Synonym(s): Seneca snakeroot
[Seneca, an Indian tribe]


The dried roots of the Seneca snakeroot, used medicinally as an expectorant.

senega (seˑ·ni·g),

n Latin name:
Polygala senega; part used: dried root; uses: hypoglycemic, emetic, immunostimulant, sedative, snakebite, respiratory disorders, skin disorders; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children, salicylate sensitivity, ulcers (peptic or duodenal), anticoagulants, antidiabetic medications, CNS depressants. Also called
milkwort, mountain flax, northern senega, polygala root, rattlesnake root, seneca, seneca root, seneca snakeroot, senega root, senega snakeroot, or
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Those from Angola have told me that they call him Zamby; those who are less distant from the famous Senega river call this God Reboucou.
Other herbs include seabuckthorn, anise, fireweed, senega root, sarsasparilla, milk thistle, chamomile, yarrow, calendula, and stinging nettle.
1762), in Poems, Plays, and "The Briton," 383, Smollett is describing the British conquest of the fort of the French Senega company on the island of St Louis, he probably draws the list from John Barbot's account of the trade at that fort (Description of the Coasts of North and South-Guinea, 19).