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1. pertaining to signs and symbols.
2. pertaining to the signs and symptoms of a disease.
3. pathognomonic. Also spelled semeiotic.
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, semeiotic (sē'mē-ot'ik, sem-ē-),
1. Relating to semiotics.
2. Relating to signs, linguistic or bodily.
[G. sēmeiōtikos, fr. sēmeion, sign]
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(sē′mē-ŏt′ĭk, sĕm′ē-, sē′mī-) also


(-ĭ-kəl) or


(sē′mē-, sĕm′ē-, sē′mī-) also


Relating to symptomatology.

se′mi·ot′i·cal·ly adv.
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, semeiotic (sĕ'mē-ot'ik)
Relating to signs, either linguistic or physical.
[G. sēmeiōtikos, fr. sēmeion, sign]
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Call this the "collapsing move": it collapses a purportedly intrinsic semiotic objection into a consequentialist objection grounded in the contingent costs and benefits of revising the meaning of a market.
With this epistemological gap in mind, the present study focuses on the multimodal nature and the presence of intercultural components in the semiotic design of the SNSLL Livemocha.
A multidisciplinary perspective is necessary in order to understand the global phenomenon of nation branding, dwelling upon a semiotic lens to deeply explore the meanings employed in the tourism advertising campaigns.
Wheeler calls this process of semiotic interdependence, this process of becoming, 'structuration', the 'ongoing biological and cultural processes of possibilities' (pp149-50).
Oscillating between the semiotic and the symbolic not only as a teenager but also as a black woman with an urge to give birth to her self, Zuleika inscribes her abject status into her anachronistic, grotesque, hybrid and poetic narrative.
The former, essentially developed within multimodal studies by Kress and van Leeuwen ([1996] 2006), attempts to show the correspondences between the verbal and the visual participants, processes and their associated circumstances present in the verbal and non-verbal semiotic modes of a multimodal text (such as Halliday 2004, 168-178).
In its construction of a theoretical model for its analysis, this paper draws upon SFL-informed multimodality and semiotic translation as twin theoretical foundations.
The significance of this semiosphere lies in the concept of opposition: a semiotic sphere vs.
The impetus for this book was a review by Keith Ward of Robinson's previous work, God and the World of Signs (2010), which draws heavily on the semiotics of Charles Sanders Peirce.
He proposes that 'the very notion of a medium and of mediation already entails some mixture of sensory, perceptual and semiotic elements.