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1. the branch of medicine dealing with symptoms.
2. the combined symptoms of a disease.




(sē′mē-ŏl′ə-jē, sĕm′ē-, sē′mī-)

se′mi·ol′o·gist n.


(sē″mē-ol′ŏ-jē, sem″ē-) [Gr. sēmeion, sign + -logy]
1. Semiotics.
2. Symptomatology (2).
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When the Decoder team, to develop the analytical tool for Guinness, retraced its steps in analysing the language of beer advertising and getting to the individual brand propositions, it was the marketers on the team who were best able to translate what the semiologists were doing into accessible rules.
Critical thought is here personified by the heroic semiologist, in this case, Cohen himself.
Since language is constitutive of human reality - existentially - it cannot be dispensed with as the mystic advises; nor can it be alienated from our humanity as the scientist, the linguist and the semiologist advise.
Even within linguistics, awareness of the one-sidedness of the initial premises could at best, in the most sophisticated cases, be converted dialectically into a call for their transcendence -- thus the same textbook of rhetoric cited above went on to acknowledge: In the case of a Jakobson, as in that of the critics and semiologists who inscribe themselves in his wake, this claim for the linguistic character of poetry founds the competence of linguistic science to give an account of those particular linguistic structures which are poetic structures.
Clark had in mind when he remarked, "The semiologists are frozen in the triumph of their prearranged moments of vision.
Pierce, the German philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, and the semiologists active during the 1960s and 1970s, namely Barthes, Benveniste, Greimas, Levy-Strauss, Kristeva, and Chomsky.
Inflexible semiologists talk about the "contamination" of the word when they speak of polysemy, meaning the disconcerting synonyms, the analogies, the varied connotations which disrupt the nature and functioning of every word.