seminiferous tubule

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seminiferous tubule

One of two or three twisted, curved tubules in each lobule of the testis in which spermatozoa develop.

sem·i·nif·er·ous tu·bule

(sem'i-nif'ĕr-ŭs tū'byūl)
One of two or three twisted, curved tubules in each lobule of the testis, in which spermatogenesis occurs.
Synonym(s): tubuli seminiferi recti [TA] , convoluted seminiferous tubule, tubuli contorti (2) .

seminiferous tubule

One of the very small channels of the testes in which spermatozoa develop and through which they leave the testes. These tubules may be either straight or convoluted.
See also: tubule


producing or carrying semen.

seminiferous tubule
develop as hollow tubes in the testis after birth, from solid gonadal cores.
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The 2TD were presented with the tubules lost, the basement membrane and some seminiferous tubules with thickened basement membrane had less number of epithelial cells in fact much of the epithelium lining tubules are vacuolated.
The immunostaining for FGFR1 and FGFR2 was also evident in elongated spermatid, spermatozoa, the seminiferous tubules and sperm in the epididymis but weak immunostaining was seen in round spermatid in adult testes (Figures 3A and B).
Interestingly, germ cells, but not Sertoli cells, in the seminiferous tubules were weakly positive for CYP17 (Figure 3A and Table 2).
The process begins with the spermatogonium, which resides next to the basal lamina of the seminiferous tubules.
In studies conducted on rats, xylene and formaldehyde caused testicular atrophy and decreases in testes weight and serum testosterone level, diameter of seminiferous tubules and seminiferous epithelial height (Chung et al.
Similarly, consumption of extract in high doses increases sperm density in seminiferous tubules.
Russell and Clermont (1977) found that the regression of seminiferous tubule epithelium after depletion of pituitary hormone was due to discriminate degeneration of mid pachytene spermatocytes and step-19 spermatids in stage VII.
In the male rodent, DEHP causes seminiferous tubule atrophy and decreases testis weight, sperm production, and testicular zinc levels (Foster et al.
The histopathologic diagnoses of the testes according to the seminiferous tubule pathology were mixed atrophy (11 testes, 50%, 4 of which also showed hyalinized tubules); Sertoli cell-only tubules plus hyalinized tubules (4 testes, 18.
There was visible reduction in epididymal sperm content, while testicular histology showed disorganization of the seminiferous tubule architecture.