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The purchasing S corp must not be classified as an "agent" of the selling partnership for tax purposes.
However, the section 302(b)(2) substantially disproportionate requirement will not be met if, immediately after the redemption, the selling shareholder retains a 50%-or-greater interest in the combined voting power of all classes of stock entitled to vote.
Establishing a sell strategy at the same time you buy a stock will help safeguard against making impulsive selling decisions.
Because a shareholder's stock in a corporation is, in most cases, a capital asset, the selling shareholder will have a capital gain or loss on the sale of his or her stock via the agreement.
McGinnity envisions agents in the United States selling travel insurance to their personal-lines customers.
Luxemburg argues the sponsor cannot abandon selling the units that are listed for sale in the offering plan, refuse to sell vacant deregulated apartments, and continue to operate a rental business without disclosure and the filing an amendment to alert potential purchasers.
The following are some available tax strategies for buying and selling a business.
Selling a stock or a stock fund isn't always easy You may be so attached to a winner that you'll keep holding on long after the winnings have stopped.
2) See Pickett, Gardner and Streuling, "Maximizing Gain Exclusion/Deferral When Selling a Principal Residence Due to Death, Divorce or Marriage," 28 The Tax Adviser 90 (Feb.
The percentage of convenience stores selling motor fuels also is a record high -- 81.
What's more, the proceeds from selling a stock at a loss may be reinvested in a more promising opportunity.
Selling the home after the divorce allows them two separate exclusions of $125,000, thereby doubling the total gain excluded.