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In its criticism of Barclays Capital's role in the deal, the judge said that the company 'secretly and selfishly manipulated the sale process to engineer a transaction that would permit Barclays to obtain lucrative buy-side financing fees.
They seem neither to love God, nor themselves nor others, and become selfishly judgmental.
I had shows immediately, and selfishly worried that the electoral change would be a hard adjustment.
If the actions of your "Homesteaders" hurt the soil, climate or the populations of local fauna and flora, then the homesteaders are acting selfishly and their grandchildren will be out of luck.
I pondered rather selfishly whether to enjoy this chocolaty delight all by myself, or share it with my co-workers.
I have limited their freedom by exercising mine thoughtlessly and selfishly. Whereas one person on a desert island can do pretty much as he pleases, living in communities introduces various constraints, societies cope with this by having generally accepted customs and laws.
Quite selfishly [partnering with him] will allow me to continue practicing law at a [steady] pace and give him a future he deserves."
Leo is selfishly ambitious and has a drinking problem.
I think we selfishly think such tactical missions belong exclusively to our branch, or the Marines.
The younger of the two brothers selfishly asks his father for his inheritance, effectively declaring his father dead, and then runs off and squanders the money.
And, selfishly, zero-percent financing helped ns improve our U.S.