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Nursing verb To perform a venipuncture


[Shortening of for needlestick]
A colloquial term for puncture, esp. the puncturing of the skin or a blood vessel.

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Q. I was confused, is he really sticking to diet? My friend is following Fixed-menu diet which I didn’t hear before. He told that he is in diet but he is taking some of the food which he likes. I was confused, is he really sticking to diet?

A. Of course, your friend may be under diet control. I will tell you what fixed menu diet means? A fixed-menu diet provides a list of all the foods you will eat. The merits of this kind of diet are that it can be easy to follow because the foods are selected for you. However the demerit of this type of diet is that you get only few varieties of food which will make the diet boring and it will be hard to follow. If you start with a fixed-menu diet, it is easy to follow.

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Meifigno's Selfie Phone Camera Ring Light is a popular selfie ring light that features a built-in rechargeable battery with a work time that lasts over 50 minutes in full power.
The Belvedere Museum has put up a large copy of Gustav Klimt's classic painting "The Kiss" near the original and added a giant red hashtag so that visitors can take their selfie next to the facsimile and actually look at the real work of art.
Today, the world is largely divided between people who love selfies, those who cannot stand them and others who simply couldn't care less.
The technology has already caught the eye of Merlin Entertainments, which is set to install Epic Selfie at one of its London attractions this summer.
'Because if it were true, if a selfie were taken just now - accused (said) did not do it - otherwise it would be in my view, in open court, bordering as being in contempt, especially if during court proceedings.
A 19-year-old Houston man in 2015 ( accidentally shot and killed himself while taking selfies. 
During the six years of the global study, India reported the most selfie-related deaths, Russia the second-highest number, and the US the third-highest number of selfie accidents resulting in death.
'Selfie wrist' is a form of carpal tunnel syndrome.
The product is available to buy online on the Cat Selfie website at by visiting Firebox.
Before launching SELFIE at IX High School Klementyna Hoffmanowa, a secondary school in Warsaw, Poland, Tibor Navracsics, Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, said: SELFIE can help our schools to embed technologies in teaching and learning in a purposeful, comprehensive way.
A fan takes a selfie with Indian captain Virat Kohli after invading the pitch on the first day of the second Test between India and the West Indies in Hyderabad Kohli, 29, is often the subject of adulation with one fan touching his feet before taking a selfie during an Indian Premier League game this year.
The study published in the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care, found there were 259 reported selfie deaths, from 137 accidents, between October 2011 and November last year.