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A large number of cats have an allergy to the flea saliva, meaning that a single bite can cause a large inflammatory reaction leading to self-trauma, hair loss and in some cases secondary skin infections.
The skin becomes red and inflamed - partly due to the allergic reaction itself and partly because of the self-trauma.
Self-trauma can cause secondary bacterial skin infections and otitis externa, or outer ear infection.
Application of bandage is beneficial for treating aural haematoma because it protect the ear from self-trauma and keeps tissues in apposition (Fossum et al.
Common clinical signs include panting, trembling, cowering, and escape behavior, which can result in self-trauma as well as property damage.
An inability to feel pain may lead to repeated self-trauma (tongue, lips and finger tips) ultimately leading to self-mutilation.
Ratite anesthetic events are often dangerous because these birds use their powerful legs and clawed feet as a defense, and physical restraint can result in self-trauma or injury to handlers.
The lesions resulting from self-trauma are most frequently seen on a dog's face, ears, feet and groin--those areas of its body that are most accessible to an animal's teeth and claws.
Soft Claws are also effective against self-trauma caused by pets with itchy skin conditions.
From dogs with atopic dermatitis, inflamed skin, which was typically alopecic from self-trauma due to pruritus, was sampled.