self-tapping screw

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self-tapping screw,

n a screw that cuts its own spiral threads into bone or tooth structure.
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I installed a 90-degree chain-link fence corner connector at the top of each leg assembly and screwed a self-tapping screw through it into the 1 1/8" top pipe.
Two main categories of self-tapping screws - thread-cutting and thread-forming - are used with plastics.
According to MSHA's report, the accident occurred because the two self-tapping screws used to mount the cable tray on the right side were not long enough to support the cable tray when electrical cable was placed in it.
Also, installation is not dependent on the location of an idler frame; instead, owners can attach the covers with self-tapping screws at any point along the length of a conveyor's structure.
Connect them by sliding one of the 1-inch-diameter sleeves over the ends of both and securing with four 3/4-inch self-tapping screws.
The cases consist of a top and base molding that are assembled by self-tapping screws.
The self-tapping screws don't require predrilled holes, even near corners, and the star head design ensures the heads won't strip.
Stainless steel products covered are wood screws, self-tapping screws, screws and bolts without heads of stainless steel, slotted and cross-recessed screws, hexagon socket head screws and hexagon bolts.
To make registration plates more secure, use double-sided adhesive tape and self-tapping screws.
The pump attaches to the hub via a patented quick-connect fitting and two self-tapping screws that attach to nylon inserts in the wheel.
This can be seen in the polycarbonate valance, for example, which is applied in double sheets and screwed, almost crudely, to the supporting pipe columns with self-tapping screws.
Accessories include an IP 65 seal, wall mounting kit, and self-tapping screws for fitting PCBs.