self-management program

self-man·age·ment pro·gram

(self-man'ăj-mĕnt prō'gram)
Educational program in addition to regular treatment and disease-specific education that helps patients cope with their health problems.
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New Position: Elliott will be a representative to community employers and will have oversight of the Conway Regional athletic training area and the diabetes self-management program.
Thanks to the Bell Let's Talk Community Fund, 28 peer helpers from Phobies-Zro received 5 days of training on how to administer a self-management program to help those struggling with anxiety in their recovery," said Marie-Andre Laplante, Founding President of Phobies-Zro.
Beginning in February 2018 SEARHC will introduce a Diabetes Self-Management Program.
The increased number of patients with diabetes and the lack of a regular self-management program for them motivated the researcher to conduct an interventional study with an emphasis on the nurses' role.
This paper addresses these research gaps, investigating factors associated with participation in a diabetes nurse-educator led self-management program which aimed to increase access to local diabetes support, education and management for rural Australian clients with T2DM.
Physical activity can reduce arthritis pain and improve function by about 40%, and self-management education workshops, such as the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, have shown 10%-20% improvements in pain, fatigue, and depression in adults with arthritis (3).
This pilot project seeks to establish baseline correlations between levels of hope and measures of self-management with statistical analysis of data measured using two validated questionnaires: the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) Sample Questionnaire and the Integrative Hope Scale (IHS).
Accordingly, it was the aim of this study to examine whether a self-management program that included video modelling and video feedback components would facilitate swimming expertise.
Another study examined the effects of a disease self-management program and found the experimental group to be more capable of managing exacerbations than the control group (Bischoff et al.
This article describes how an innovative regional self-management program called Living Healthy Champlain (LHC) was created in a large health region of Ontario.
Bandura A, Ritter P, Gonzalez VM, Laurent DD, Holman HR (1999) Evidence suggesting that a chronic disease self-management program can improve health status while reducing hospitalization: a randomized trial.