self-management program

self-man·age·ment pro·gram

(self-man'ăj-mĕnt prō'gram)
Educational program in addition to regular treatment and disease-specific education that helps patients cope with their health problems.
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Goals include learning to problem-solve and set health-related goals; understanding important foods to incorporate into your diet; starting or maintaining an exercise program; improving communication with family, friends and doctors; and creating a personal self-management program. Classes will be held from 9 to 11:30 a.m.
The other group, along with CAMMP was given telecare by a nurse who made scheduled telephone calls as well as contacts prompted by patient responses to the online self-management program or e-mail requests.
SMART Recovery is a self-management program for those dealing with addiction, with 27 meeting places in Connecticut.
Study findings were in accord with a pilot study by Lin and colleagues (2013), which tested the effects of a self-management program targeting self-management of CKD in contrast to the focus on self-management of dietary intake.
study that examined the effect of self-management program on knee pain in elderly patients with osteoarthritis.[17] Kao et al.
A meta-analysis of health status, health behaviors, and health care utilization outcomes of the chronic disease self-management program. Prev Chron Dis.
Among the 568 people who were diagnosed with diabetes, half were immediately entered into a six-month diabetes self-management program through the food bank; the other half were waitlisted for the program.
The Stanford Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) developed by Kate Lorig is recognized widely (Self-Management Resource Center, 2018).
A handful of articles did not support the use of a self-management program and action plans, finding no significant impact on reducing hospitalizations in the intervention groups.
show that group-based delivery of a self-management program for people with knee osteoarthritis improved pain, mental health, and physical functioning that persisted for up to 12 months [25].
Prevention of diabetes self-management program (PREDIAS): effects on weight, metabolic risk factors, and behavioral outcomes.