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Attempted analysis, or psychoanalysis, of oneself.
Synonym(s): self-analysis


n. pl. self-analy·ses (-sēz′)
An independent methodical attempt to study and comprehend one's own personality, emotions, and behavior.

self′-an′a·lyt′i·cal (-ăn′ə-lĭt′ĭ-kəl), self′-an′a·lyt′ic (-ĭk) adj.


n an introspection on one's own behavior and actions in the total environment.
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Elsewhere within racing's constantly self-analytical world there are the reformists, who are sensitive towards the potential power of those for whom deaths in the National spark feelings of outrage and vengeance rather than plain sorrow and who fear the weight of public opinion will force the race's inevitable demise if we sit on our hands.
In fact, this girl is so self-absorbed and self-analytical, she barely notices other people are in the room unless they're staring at her.
He admits having been too self-analytical and critical in the past but accepts, 'You are always looking to improve your game.
The music is slow, strange and intense, the lyrics of the self-analytical variety.
Driving home from classes in Sylmar one night, she made a self-analytical discovery.
He is very self-analytical and I think that is a quality that you will find in all the very best managers.
She's self-analytical, which works to her advantage, and her conflicts are universal and important without being earth shattering, making this novel a pleasurable read.