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A common psychiatric symptom, encountered most characteristically in agitated depression.
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Self-accusation: a single-pole factor in which points are included associated only with negative emotions addressed towards the 'Self'.
In this way, her self-accusation of hypocrisy functions subversively, even insidiously, as proof of her own sincerity.
Melancholia, according to Freud, shares some features with mourning, but can be distinguished from the latter by the insistent self-accusations made by the person suffering.
The poem at issue, "The Mirror of the Sinful Soul," is an outpouring (over 1400 lines) of self-accusation and self-abasement, recalling Paul and Augustine in its theological stance.(3) Marguerite sympathized with the evangelical movement in France and by her patronage sheltered many of its members.
Unable to get off the medications, she had to deal with the risks of their use during pregnancy, which she then subjected to the same sort of guilty self-accusations as she previously had used to limit her romantic prospects.
His musings concern Samson's self-accusations about effeminacy, masochism, and the nature of early modern manhood, and given the persuasive framework that Daniel has set up in the book, the chapter brings his arguments to a satisfying, if slightly predictable, conclusion.
According to de Oliveira's interpretation, a similar trial can be observed in patients seeking psychotherapy, who are constantly accusing and sentencing themselves through their negative core beliefs (CBs), but are unaware of such self-accusations and unable to organize their own self defense (2).
Again, Landon's "Life of Life" hints at bitter self-accusations ("I borrow others' likeness, till / Almost I lose my own"), and Matoff writes appreciatively that it "sounds like a cry from the heart." Yet it exists in its crystal cabinet of art, too, casting a cold eye on its complications.
Generally in performance Malcolm has great difficulty unsaying his terrible self-accusations, but this Malcolm had unusual difficulty rubbing out his sins, especially in this setting.
Their conflicted, ambivalent communication, dishonest and concealing metaphoric evasions on part of the father and straight but with rambling self-accusations on the part of the son, end when clarity is brought by the morning return of the daughter-in-law who has made up her mind to leave both of them.
The brief final chapter partially explores critical reaction to Mario's resentful self-accusations in the speech that became his swan song, AThe Modernist Movement."