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Methionine containing selenium in place of sulfur.
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It is best assimilated in the form of selenomethionine and selenocysteine, which are involved in numerous transformations in the body of animals and humans.
1980) found that selenate was more easily transported than selenite and the organic Se selenomethionine (SMT), Terry et al.
In the present study, GMS-10 and DBTRG-05MG human GBM cell lines were used as a model to examine selenium entering the cell, cell proliferation, cytotoxicity, DNA fragmentation and Ki-67 protein expression in selenomethionine treated and non-treated groups.
Insects acquire Se from water and food, where it can occur in a number of different forms (primarily sodium selenate, sodium selenite, selenomethionine, and selenocystine).
Selenomethionine (SeM) or Se-methylselenocysteine (SeMSC), two naturally prevalent organoselenium amino acids (Fig.
Protective effect of selenomethionine on aflatoxin B1-induced oxidative stress in MDCK cells.
Duntas LH, Mantzou E, Koutras DA (2003) Effects of a six month treatment with selenomethionine in patients with autoimmune thyroiditis.
Eighty-two patients with cirrhosis (Child-Pugh classes A, B, and C; mild, moderate, and severe, respectively) were randomly assigned to receive 200 or 400 mcg/day of selenium as selenate, 200 [micro]g/day of selenium as selenomethionine, or placebo for 4 weeks.
Comparative toxicosis of sodium selenite and selenomethionine in lambs.
Boar sperm motility, viability and acrosome reaction increased significantly in sodium selenite (SS), selenomethionine (SeMet) and Vit-E (5.
Results: selenomethionine was found to be the dominant Se form: mean 67% (SD 18%); selenodiglutathione 23 (20); selenocysteine/selenocystine 4 (0.
Additionally selenium is a part of selenocysteine and selenomethionine proteins, the main amino acid constituent of these enzymes is selenocysteine, located in the active sites?