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in pharmacology, the degree to which a dose of a drug produces the desired effect in relation to adverse effects. adj., adj selec´tive.
grid selectivity a ratio comparing the transmitted primary radiation to the transmitted scatter radiation in an x-ray grid.
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A property of a drug determined by combining its affinity at various binding sites, the knowledge of which can help predict a drug's potential for therapeutic and side effects.
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A property of a drug determined by combining its affinity at various binding sites, the knowledge of which can help predict a drug's potential for therapeutic and adverse effects.
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Q. clonex symptoms in Selective Mutism Syndrome children My son is 6.5 years old, with selective mutism syndrome - in a months time he shall be entering first grade. We have, the past 2 years been with therapists specializing in this field. He has improved outside a closed system i.e. within the kindergarten (primarily) we even see some regression. We have been at major dilemmas with giving him medication but due to the critical time - we were recommended to take 0.125 mg of Clonex medication. we are a little worried and would like to understand the possible symptoms

A. As a benzodiazepin, it can cause drowsiness, weakness and other changes in behavior. There may be some other side-effects, that you can read about here (

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Fig 6 also shows the ideal selectivity for the polymeric amine blend membranes at 2-10 bar feed pressure.
She shows how these manifest functions cannot adequately explain the actual criminal selectivity carried out by the state--which requires a deeper, Marxist analysis of the latent functions of criminal selectivity in a given stage.
The fishery selectivity was modeled by using the double normal parameterization (for details, see Methot and Wetzel, 2013), which is a flexible form that allows selectivity to range in shape from asymptotic to dome-shaped.
Selectivity parameters viz, Lb, Lc and Ld increased with the increase in mesh size irrespective of species, indicating clear cut selectivity by the gillnets (Ag).
And Pt/Si[O.sub.2] showed 38.3% conversion of CAL, and the selectivity to COL, HALD, HALC, and other products was 3.7%, 1.3%, 35.4%, and 59.6%, respectively.
Experimental studies of the dependence of the selectivity of low- (Filmtec, Hydranautics) and medium-pressure (OPMN-P, ESPA-1) membranes on pH are presented in Fig.
On the contrary, the selectivity of diethyl ether apparently decreased with increasing temperature as seen in Figure 5.
In contrast, Clariant's StyroMax UL3 catalyst has been proven to offer superior activity as well as enhanced selectivity at ultra-low SHR conditions (1.0 by weight).
The respective research literatures on college selectivity and college major have each demonstrated that where you go to school and what you study are related to future earnings.