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/se·lec·tive/ (sĕ-lek´tiv)
1. having a high degree of selectivity.
2. discriminating; making a choice from multiple alternatives; singling out in preference.


the use of procedures on selected animals contrasted with blanket application to all members of the group.

selective slaughter
slaughter of positive reactors or clinical cases during a disease control program.
selective dry-period mastitis therapy
application of dry period intramammary therapy only to those cows known or suspected of being infected with organisms which cause mastitis; contrasts with blanket therapy in which all cows in the group are treated.

Patient discussion about selective

Q. clonex symptoms in Selective Mutism Syndrome children My son is 6.5 years old, with selective mutism syndrome - in a months time he shall be entering first grade. We have, the past 2 years been with therapists specializing in this field. He has improved outside a closed system i.e. within the kindergarten (primarily) we even see some regression. We have been at major dilemmas with giving him medication but due to the critical time - we were recommended to take 0.125 mg of Clonex medication. we are a little worried and would like to understand the possible symptoms

A. As a benzodiazepin, it can cause drowsiness, weakness and other changes in behavior. There may be some other side-effects, that you can read about here (

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I don't think fans down south would have the same selectiveness deafness towards their IRA chanting.
It is only when the mirage is looked at head on--when we, for example, sit down in silence and stillness for an hour and direct our awareness on awareness itself--that we realise the selectiveness of our selective experience, indeed the elusiveness of this 'self (Batchelor, 1997).
As in previous volumes, Stern argues the case for a continuous process of negotiation and selectiveness in the "memory box" of Chilean society, as a means to cope with the shame, the fear and the bewilderment which followed the publication of data about the dictatorship years, especially the Rettig Commission Report.
But such selectiveness can also be found in many other prehistoric and historical societies around the world, while towards the modern societies it has achieved more shaded or hidden features.
This type of institution is well-rounded, with research as the main focus; however the selectiveness and competitiveness that is associated with gaining admission to these "super schools" (and the perceived prestige associated with being admitted) has had the effect of decreasing the perceived excellence of some of the other models of education institutions.
First, the inconsistency or selectiveness of liberal peacebuilding interventions and their externalized and top-down perspective, or their uneven application across whole countries or regions may inadvertently create space in which critical agencies can unfold.
In this version, Brussels says that, "the investigation into the allegations of tax evasion against the television channel that is critical of the government raised concerns about selectiveness.
The systems do not possess the flexibility or selectiveness needed to identify required skill sets and deploy personnel to the right positions.
Their size, he asserts, allows for a flexibility and selectiveness that's difficult to find at a larger firm.
Such conditions perfectly show the ability of the proposed algorithm to provide robustness and enforced traffic flow selectiveness, while maintaining the requested QoS for LSPs set-up.
The importance of expected benefits may also explain why consumers tend to use only some of the many seemingly exciting new mobile services made available thanks to the technological progress; a selectiveness hardly affected by the level of knowledge of information technology and information skills.
The content of individual master plans varies from institution to institution and program to program and depends heavily on such factors as the selectiveness of the institution, the number of students enrolled in honors programs, the