selective reduction

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se·lec·tive re·duc·tion

a technique for intrauterine termination of one or more fetuses while leaving one or more fetuses undisturbed, usually in pregnancies with fetal anomalies or with multiple gestations.
Synonym(s): selective termination (1)

selective reduction

Obstetrics Selective termination of pregnancy, see there.

selective reduction

1. In radiography, the reduction of exposed silver halide crystals to black metallic silver, creating a visible image.
2. In oncology, killing or destroying tumor cells or their products with relatively little damage to healthy cells.
See also: reduction

Selective reduction

Typically referred to in cases of multi-fetal pregnancy, when one or more fetuses are aborted to preserve the viability of the remaining fetuses and decrease health risks to the mother.
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The successful selective reduction of a heterotopic cesarean scar pregnancy via ultrasound guided potassium chloride (KCl) injection has even been reported in the second trimester [6].
The procedures encompassed under this vague term range widely from self-medicated, D&X, surgery and D&E to medical abortion, selective reduction and even delivery.
She said it was more of a 'request' as outlined in the contract which called for a 'selective reduction' if Ms Beasley became pregnant with more than one foetus.
"Selective reduction" was mentioned, say Jane and Jamie.
Selective reduction was performed to lessen the possibility of later complications.
Once medical management has failed, however, the only remedy is selective reduction.
One-dimensional spectra of the crude urine were obtained by operating in the pulsed Fourier-transform mode with quadrature detection; there was a selective reduction in the TZ of the water protons by chemical exchange with N[H.sub.4]Cl (0.8 mol/L) and a saturation of the water signal.
In an editorial accompanying their report, Lynch and Berkowitz suggest calling the procedure "multifetal pregnancy reduction." They say the term used in the past, "selective reduction," upsets parents and misleads the public by implying the procedure involves a kind of "Sophie's choice."
The first result devolving from the above scenario is a likely salary freeze, generalized cost cutting, and a selective reduction in headcount.
The subject of the order includes: delivery - diesel oil in the amount: 41 700 liters, - fuel oil in the amount: 17 700 liters, - 95 unleaded petrol in the amount: 450 liters, - urea solution, used for selective reduction of nitrogen oxides in diesel engines equipped with scr system adblue or equivalent in the amount of 2500 liters.
Radiofrequency ablation for selective reduction in complex monochorionic multiple pregnancies: A case series.
When they suggested I have the selective reduction I refused, because I believed in my babies."

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