selective reduction

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se·lec·tive re·duc·tion

a technique for intrauterine termination of one or more fetuses while leaving one or more fetuses undisturbed, usually in pregnancies with fetal anomalies or with multiple gestations.
Synonym(s): selective termination (1)

selective reduction

Obstetrics Selective termination of pregnancy, see there.

selective reduction

1. In radiography, the reduction of exposed silver halide crystals to black metallic silver, creating a visible image.
2. In oncology, killing or destroying tumor cells or their products with relatively little damage to healthy cells.
See also: reduction

Selective reduction

Typically referred to in cases of multi-fetal pregnancy, when one or more fetuses are aborted to preserve the viability of the remaining fetuses and decrease health risks to the mother.
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The offer of one million pounds from the News of the World may well have affected her decision not to have selective reduction.
Berkowitz and colleagues suggest that "[a]lthough the risks associated with selective reduction are known, the dearth of experience with the procedure to date makes it impossible to assess their likelihood" (1046).
In this fashion the agonizing decision of selective reduction can be avoided without compromising the chance of pregnancy.
Mark Perloe said: "After careful consideration, some couples choose a new procedure called selective reduction.
At the time, selective reduction was a very rare procedure.
Food and Drug Administration to market CoolSculpting in the United States for the selective reduction of fat around the flanks.
WHEN I FOUND OUT THAT I was pregnant with triplets, I had three options: a high risk pregnancy, a termination, or a selective reduction.
To give any of them a chance of survival, she should seriously consider a selective reduction.
The paper demonstrated that Neurogenetic Pharmaceuticals' approach of gamma secretase modulation allows for selective reduction of A42 and amyloid pathology.
ZELTIQ(TM), a global medical device company, developed the procedure which delivers a non-invasive, safe, and clinically proven method for the selective reduction of "love handles" or flank.
Nor would you know what a small person Amy is, or that her body rebelled even in the first days of multiple pregnancy, then settled into a happy and healthy one with the help of selective reduction.
These include meeting with both parties to explain the process and issues and concerns, like selective reduction.

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