selective memory

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se·lec·tive mem·o·ry

reception or retrieval of only some of the events in an experience.

selective memory

The recollection only of particular aspects of an event or experience; limited recall.
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Selective Memory is peppered with revealing and pithy observations about many aspects of film and TV production.
He (Chidambaram) attacked Yashwant Sinha by stating that he was having a distant memory, while I want to say that he is suffering from selective memory.
These blocks implement several recursive identification algorithms: Least Square Method (RLS) and its modifications, Recursive Leaky Incremental Estimation (RLIE), Damped Least Squares (DLS), Adaptive Control with Selective Memory (ACSM), Instrumental Variable Method (RIV), Extended Least Square Method (RELS), Prediction Error Method (RPEM) and Extended Instrumental Variable Method (ERIV).
Selective memory is a gift for Labour supporters - most of it deep in the last century.
The coaches, players and teams that it might be profitable to follow next season will include those whose popular reputation is based on either selective memory or unfair interpretation of things that happened in previous seasons.
A big part of the problem is that life insurance and annuities, In particular, serve over a long period of time and they are frequently subject to the selective memory of policyholders.
Like other forms of autobiography, the political memoir is an odd mishmash of fact, selective memory, coy evasions, breast-beating and self-serving interpretive spin.
My daughter tells me I practice selective memory, that I erase the
Will Doig is either suffering from selective memory, or he's seen fit to obscure reality so as to bolster the credibility of his article du jour.
Coun Kath Hartley has a very selective memory it seems.
RB says: I suggest you visit a doctor immediately and see if there's anything he can prescribe for your selective memory.
From this, one can only conclude that Republicans are hypocrites, flip-floppers, or have suddenly come down with a case of selective memory.

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