selective memory

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se·lec·tive mem·o·ry

reception or retrieval of only some of the events in an experience.

selective memory

The recollection only of particular aspects of an event or experience; limited recall.
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Adaptive control with selective memory (Hill & Ydstide, 2004) updates parameter estimates only when there is new information present.
RB says: Join the Selective Memory Help Group, Loretta.
However, unless he has the unheard of ability to compartmentalize his brain or self-induce selective memory loss, we do not understand how he can perform his new duties without inevitably using the information he learned from us.
Data like these avoid a common research problem-the selective memory of participants who have already learned of an illness, Adami says.
OTCBB:VACM) (Frankfurt XETRA:VAM), a Las Vegas-based entertainment production company, signed a letter of intent with the infamous Joe Jackson and Selective Memory Productions to produce and distribute three films; the first film is titled "Blended," followed by "Illuminati," and the third title to be announced.
Is this hypocrisy or just standard politics, where selective memory is the order of the day.
WORLD champions Sri Lanka will report to the Oval with mixed feelings and a selective memory as they try to set the record straight against England.
Though it has haunting vistas, great performances and a marvellous score, the script is not ashamed to employ selective memory loss for a cheap laugh and much-needed forward momentum.
We tend to have a selective memory that forgets the detailed and sometimes graphic violence found in some classic books for children," she said.
Faroux's installations are inspired by the imagination of selective memory and how objects can appear to be the residue of past experiences.
In REPLY to his letter (ECHO, Jan 4), to say Tony Mulhearn has a selective memory is putting it lightly.
You're not generally forgetful Scorpio but now and again you do have selective memory loss, the sort that means you don't have to join in.

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