selective attention

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se·lec·tive at·ten·tion

(sĕ-lektiv ă-tenchŭn)
Process whereby one pays attention only to messages that address a need or interest or are consistent with the individual's attitudes, opinions, and beliefs.
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disruption of LPE by cognitive load in congruent condition, and a slight facilitation of LPE in incongruent condition) mirrors previous research, suggesting that a secondary working memory task does not always impair the performance (Woodman, Vogel, & Luck, 2001), but even it might reduce distraction and facilitate selective attention (Park, Kim, & Chun, 2007), which would depend on the interactions and overlaps between the contents of working memory and the type of information being processed (Kim, Kim, & Chun, 2005; de Fockert, & Bremner, 2011; San Miguel, Corral, & Escera, 2008).
The purposes of this study are to investigate the relationship between selective attention, response inhibition, and cognitive flexibility which are among the executive functions in patients with schizophrenia and sociocognitive and socioperceptual ToM functions and to determine whether selective attention, response inhibition, and cognitive flexibility functions predict ToM functions.
Albans, VT) were used to assess specific cognitive processes, including focused and selective attention and inhibitory control, as described previously (Stangle et al.
However, Project: EVOs multitasking assessment also allows for testing these selective attention abilities under high interference, through a set of algorithms licensed from UCSF.
In summary, we believe there is an evident relationship between selective attention and driving inattention, and that the study of this process is therefore important to road safety; for example, in the search for tools to evaluate and train drivers.
Thus, selective attention comes into play in order to gather the most important information in order to achieve the objective or overcome the challenge.
This contralateral distribution of the oscillation and the amplitude difference are efficient features to investigate visual spatial selective attention [12], and this selective feature has been applied in several researches as a measurement method such as the study of the binocular rivalry by Zhang et al.
Instead of picking up on his message, the disciples, who exercised selective attention deficit whenever the conversation turned toward sacrifice or suffering, focused not on the widow but on the temple whose collection basket she had enriched.
Humans are very selective in their attitudes toward threatened species, and obviously Cecil, a beautiful beast, is the beneficiary of very selective attention.
At the UO, Awh conducted behavioral and biological studies of selective attention and working memory.
We employed Garner's (1974) selective attention paradigm to determine which properties of some simple nonsocial categories, such as shape and color, independently occupy their own processing dimension.
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