selective angiography

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se·lec·tive an·gi·og·ra·phy

angiography in which visualization is improved by concentrating the contrast medium in the region to be studied by injection through a catheter positioned in a regional artery, for example, coronary angiography.
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selective angiography

Angiography in which a catheter is introduced directly into the vessel to be visualized.
See also: angiography
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Caption: Figure 4: Algorithm of selective angiography approach in patients with knee dislocation (adapted from Boyce et al.
A total of 215 consecutive patients were enrolled by catheter selective angiography of renal artery and coronary simultaneously during October 2013 to September 2014.
Renal artery and coronary selective angiography was performed by femoral or radial artery approach.
Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) of the pelvis are relatively rare, usually congenital lesions, and are difficult to treat because of multiple and extensive feeding vessels.[sup.1] Selective angiography of the iliac arteries is still the best method for diagnosing pelvic AVM, although the usefulness of computed tomography (CT) has also been recognized.
Selective angiography of the iliac arteries is still the best diagnostic method; it shows the pelvic AVM, as well as the multiplicity and extension of feeders, even if they are only small.
Computed tomography and selective angiography can play a vital role in assessing the integrity of relevant vascular structures.
We also discuss relevant wound ballistics and the benefits of selective angiography (both diagnostically and therapeutically) in this peculiar type of injury.
The patient underwent aortography followed by selective angiography. The right renal artery was found coursing to the left of the aorta and inferior to the left renal artery.
Therefore, we ordered selective angiography of the carotid and vertebral arteries to document the status of both ICAs as well as to ascertain the vascular nature of the mass.

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