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/se·lec·tive/ (sĕ-lek´tiv)
1. having a high degree of selectivity.
2. discriminating; making a choice from multiple alternatives; singling out in preference.


the use of procedures on selected animals contrasted with blanket application to all members of the group.

selective slaughter
slaughter of positive reactors or clinical cases during a disease control program.
selective dry-period mastitis therapy
application of dry period intramammary therapy only to those cows known or suspected of being infected with organisms which cause mastitis; contrasts with blanket therapy in which all cows in the group are treated.

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Q. clonex symptoms in Selective Mutism Syndrome children My son is 6.5 years old, with selective mutism syndrome - in a months time he shall be entering first grade. We have, the past 2 years been with therapists specializing in this field. He has improved outside a closed system i.e. within the kindergarten (primarily) we even see some regression. We have been at major dilemmas with giving him medication but due to the critical time - we were recommended to take 0.125 mg of Clonex medication. we are a little worried and would like to understand the possible symptoms

A. As a benzodiazepin, it can cause drowsiness, weakness and other changes in behavior. There may be some other side-effects, that you can read about here (

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The answer will indicate the appropriate hardware and software combination to secure the most cost-effective automated selective soldering operation.
Given the stark portrait of a university system seemingly uninterested in the ideal of social mobility, Bowen's suggestion that selective universities assign low-income students a preference in admissions akin to a legacy boost seems rather modest.
While most higher profile selective institutions with alternative testing requirements are smatter, private Liberal arts colleges, some Larger and public institutions, such as the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and the University of Montana, Missoula, also do not make the SAT or ACT mandatory.
But, in fact, community colleges commonly offer instructional programs, such as Associate Degree Nursing, that use merit-based or selective admissions criteria such as high school GPA and standardized admissions tests (Bissett, 1995).
Clear spectrally selective film does not change the appearance of existing glass allowing its application on an entire building or on as few windows as necessary to deal with a localized over heating problem.
A more selective liberation process will certainly help, but another example is in the area of biomass gasification.
The government often reviews its draft policy, and it has never decided to include women in the Selective Service or the draft.
Steven Kuykendall, R-Torrance, on hand to help launch a new Selective Service outreach and education campaign, blamed California's poor performance on the state's high number of high school dropouts, non-English speakers and undocumented immigrants.
It has been a privilege and honor to serve on the Selective Board of Directors.
Consult with your attorney if you believe you have unintentionally made a selective disclosure.
chairman of the subcommittee that oversees the Selective Service, presented Lewis, 18, of Rankin, Texas, (no relation) with a blowup of his Selective Service card.