selected vegetables

selected vegetables,

n a proprietary mixture of herbs and freeze-dried vegetables marketed as a nutritional supplement and adjunct for treating various health concerns, especially cancer and AIDS. Also called
DSV, freeze-dried SV, or
SV. See also sun's soup.
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Specifically, the project is aimed at increasing the production of certified organic seeds of NSIC varieties and promising lines of field legumes and selected vegetables, maintaining organic certification from Organic Certification Center of the Philippines for the organic seed production system, strengthening partnership with identified organic stakeholders in CALABARZON, MIMAROPA, and the Bicol Region, and disseminating organic seed production technology to farmers and interested individuals in said regions.
Around 30 farmers from Cagayan de Oro city graduated from the season-long training on selected vegetables agribusiness held on 7 July 2017.
However, the reported higher power rates, prices of selected vegetables in Metro Manila and LPG may provide offsetting upside pressure.
Sweet peas, edible garden peas and onions together with selected vegetables and flowers are able to take advantage of weather conditions that will kill beans, corn and tomatoes.
Proximate and mineral composition of the selected vegetables used in the present study have been reported in different locations around Ogbomoso, Nigeria [2, 17, 18] but none of the investigations included in vivo cyto-genotoxic evaluations.
Continuous weekend offers will also be available on selected vegetables and fruits from Thursday to Saturday.
I also selected vegetables that are expensive to buy at the supermarket, as well as varieties that my experience has told me produce high yields.
We carefully selected vegetables that deliver 30% of the Daily Value for vitamin A and 50% of the Daily Value for vitamin C per serving," said a spokesperson.
Nutrition Comparison of Selected Vegetables This is only a sampling of vegetables available.
Riverford were keen to update their wicketted bag packaging for selected vegetables and bring it in line with the degradable bags already being used for their other produce.
Omega-3 DHA can be found in oily fish such as fresh tuna, salmon, herring, mackerel and sardines and in oils such as cod liver oil, fish oil and flaxseed oil and in selected vegetables, nuts and seeds.
Among the selected vegetables, potatoes and lady fingers enjoy the most steady demand in the Gulf States.