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v. seized, seizing, seizes
To exhibit signs of seizure activity, often with convulsions.

seiz′a·ble adj.
seiz′er n.

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Q. after breaking both my tib and fib in my ankle - my joint has now seized up completely - is this a normal occu I have been told my ankle koint may never work again - has this ever happened to anyone else - and if so, what route did you take next - either a dusion or ankle replacement, which would you recommend? Any advice would be great Thanks you in advance

A. here is an article that might give you an idea:

tell me if this is what you looked for.

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Seizing the Day is perhaps most valuable in depicting the spirit of mutuality that permeated family and communal efforts to defend the integrity of the black family.
Jesus probably ranks higher than usual in the public consciousness during this 2,000th anniversary of his birth, and the networks, as always, are seizing the day.
But while some had leisurely mornings, others already had begun seizing the day.