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Procedures for example cyst excision, segmentectomy, lobectomy and pneumonectomy were carried out and findings were recorded.
Under this protocol, patients who are suspected to have lung cancer based on their symptoms and tests are wheeled into an operation theatre where a multidisciplinary team not only conducts the bronchoscopy and biopsy but also goes ahead and conducts the lobectomy or segmentectomy to excise the cancerous portion.
Surgical procedures performed included non-anatomical resection (47%), Left lateral segmentectomy (segment II and III) (29.4%), Right formal hemihepatectomy (17.6%) and Right extended hemihepatectomy in one case (5.9%) illustrated in fig-3.
139 of them underwent a lobectomy, while the remaining 11 underwent a segmentectomy (removal of a small part of the lung).
(5) In larger resection specimens, such as from a segmentectomy or lobectomy, the margin status of large portal tracts and vessels is also important to assess, since CRLM can cause intraepithelial ductal spread and venous thrombosis.
The patient underwent surgery; intraoperatively, the location of the liver mass proved to be in the fourth posterior segment--a partial hepatic segmentectomy was performed.
Segmentectomy for giant pulmonary sclerosing haemangiomas with high serum KL-6 levels.
The most common surgical intervention was partial cystectomy+omentoplasty at a rate of 68.7%, followed by partial cystectomy+external drainage at a rate of 9.4%, liver left lateral segmentectomy and total cystectomy at a rate of 6.3%, and liver right segmentectomy (Segment V)+cholecystectomy, total splenectomy, and subtotal pancreatectomy at a rate of 3.1%.
Lobectomy was performed to 819 patients (78.5%), 203 patients (19.5%) underwent pneumonectomy, and 21 patients (2%) had segmentectomy [Table 2].
It can complicate several different types of surgical procedures and has been reported to occur post brain surgery post appendicectomy post lung segmentectomy and post thyroidectomy.
Cystectomy, segmentectomy, wedge resection, lobectomy or pneumonectomy are performed in the surgical treatment of hydatid cyst disease of the lung (6).
Radiation segmentectomy (RS) is a minimally invasive option that uses the radioisotope yttrium-90 (Y90) to destroy tumours.