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Elisabeth, 42, gave birth to seven children during her captivity, three of whom remained with her in the cellar, never seeing daylight.
For four nauseating nights we learned how 95 per cent of all the birds we eat are jampacked into industrialscale animal concentration camps to endure pitiful lives without ever seeing daylight.
His mount drifted right when seeing daylight, but already had matters sewn up and left Bomber Command and Tanzanite to fight out the minor honours.
Even seeing daylight through eyes that haven't been (just about) open all night at some smoky, loud party would be a start.
But that resolution remains tied up in committee and has, as one council aide candidly put it, ``zero chance of seeing daylight.
Stories of men kept for sixteen years without seeing daylight remind us of the darkest ages.
They find themselves never seeing daylight but often crammed in large windowless sheds, forced to lie in their own excrement and bred to grow so fast that they struggle to move.
Express Flame has enjoyed mixed fortunes over C&D, but has looked the part when seeing daylight and shouldn't be far away at the death.
On what was to be his final day in captivity, after months without seeing daylight, an intense white light burned through the walls of the kitchen where he had been put to work.
And three of those of who lived grew up in his underground lair, never seeing daylight.
Three of her surviving children grew up in the cellar, without ever seeing daylight, while the three others were brought up by Fritzl's wife.