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19, Stefan, 18, and five-year-old Felix spent their lives in cramped conditions, never seeing daylight.
All three grew up in the series of windowless rooms, seeing daylight for the first time when they were released two weeks ago.
George Washington appeared on the premises on meeting the rising ground and readily went clear when seeing daylight.
Billy Lee had to sit and sufferbehindawallofhorses approachingthefinalfurlong and although he flew when seeing daylight, the line camejusttoosoon.
Three aged 19, 18 and five stayed caged with their mother never seeing daylight.
But she quickened in good style when seeing daylight and left Oldrik and Darizan to fight out second and third respectively.
She did not get the run of the race but, once seeing daylight in the straight, quickened to readily account for favourite Cocktail Hour.
Having travelled well, he was squeezed for room before finally seeing daylight and coming home well.
He started to stay on again late when seeing daylight, which leads me to believe he's a good deal better than he showed then.
The Slam Tent and Bacardi B Bar were both packed all weekend with fans never seeing daylight, never mind the main stage.
MOST cheering picture of the week was of residents of Violet Street in West Belfast seeing daylight for the first time in 30 years.
The draw might not be as bad as first appears and he will be tough to contain if seeing daylight.