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Jiang et al [6] were the first who proposed nanofluid sedimentation estimation by using UV-Vis spectrophotometer.
water wind ice etc whereas sedimentation in a general sense is a complete process of disintegration transportation deposition erosion and compaction of the sediment.
Since the statistical period of discharge and sedimentation is related to 1978-2011, the same period has been regarded to perform the required calculations.
The specific objectives of this study were to (i) characterize the complete gametogenic cycle (oocyte and spermatocyte) of Montipora capitata in Hawai'i and (ii) determine if the reproductive cycle (colony synchrony and fecundity) differs among sites with distinct sedimentation conditions.
Comparitive study between the Ves-Matic and Micro erythrocyte sedimentation rate method.
The hectolitre weight, wet and dry gluten content, Zeleny sedimentation volume, phytic acid content and the L color value of wheat stored in both spike and grain form significantly decreased during the storage period.
Effects on nutrient release also varied with season and were correlated with sedimentation events of phytoplankton detritus, with high release during spring and autumn.
TSX: KRI), a Canada-based mineral exploration and development company that is engaged in acquisition, exploration and development of uranium in Mongolia, has entered into contracts for the construction of a power line and sedimentation pond for the Dornod Uranium Project.
Surprisingly affordable, considering its size and the expertise it contains, this volume updates the 1975 Manual 54 Sedimentation engineering, with 23 chapters that report on developments since 1975 and describe the current state of most aspects of the field.
Another method is the use of sedimentation phenomena.
WEBSTER - The town has received $168,000 in state money to continue a sedimentation control program at Webster Lake.
Hydraulic engineers Roger Kuhnle and Daniel Wren of the ARS National Sedimentation Laboratory and collaborators are using acoustics and automated sampling to assess how sediment impacts waterways and dams.