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of inactive habits; pertaining to a sitting posture.
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1. Characterized by or requiring much sitting: a sedentary job.
2. Accustomed to sitting or to taking little exercise.
3. Attached or rooted; sessile: sedentary marine organisms.

sed′en·tar′i·ly (-târ′ə-lē) adv.
sed′en·tar′i·ness n.
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(of animals) attached to the substrate and not moving along it.
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Patient discussion about sedentary

Q. Which of the diseases are possible outcome of inactivity? what may be the good effect of activity and adverse effect of inactivity on the person’s health. Which of the diseases are possible outcome of inactivity?

A. being lazy affect every aspect and every system in our body. from the central nervous system to kidney and urinary system. obesity is caused most of the times due to laziness, and that leads to heart, musculo-skeletal problems and even cancer.

Q. Can prolonged inactivity increase lithium levels? Have noted increased tremors, blurred vision, poor coordination and muscle weakness.

A. BeansMom - what you describe does sounds like an overdose of lithium! this is an emergency and you should go to a hospital! drink more fluids and go o the hospital!
i'm not sure what you mean about inactivity, you mean physical activity? i know that if you change the amount of salt in your diet that can cause change of lithium amount in your blood.

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There are other reported causes of low level of HDL: sedentariness, low fat diet, medications, and drugs; genetic abnormalities are less common [21].
The global incidence of CRC is increasing, and due to rapid acquirement of western lifestyle habits such as high caloric nutrition and sedentariness, CRC increasingly also affects people in newly industrialized countries (Center et al.
METF, a widely prescribed drug in type 2 diabetes, is being increasingly considered for treatment and prevention of sedentariness damages, as well as for the extension of healthy lifespan [7].
Sedentariness was assessed by screen time (hours/day spent before the TV or computer) and (separately) sitting time (hours per day spent sitting for any purpose).
They are meant to help increase circulation in the legs and minimize the swelling that can result from prolonged sedentariness.
Observational studies seem to show that more frequent and more intense physical activity lowers inflammation more than sedentariness. However, randomized controlled trials are few and inconsistent.
This research by UCL (University College London) suggested that physical activity and sitting time (or 'sedentariness') were two common lifestyle-related behaviours that are associated with obesity and metabolic health, as well as with chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and with all-cause mortality.
Authors Daniela Schmid and Dr Michael Leitzmann, of ?Share your views: Germany's University of Regensburg, wrote in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute: "That sedentariness has a detrimental impact on cancer even among physically active persons implies that limiting the time spent sedentary may play an important role in preventing cancer." TV time was most strongly linked with bowel and endometrial cancers - possibly because it often goes along with downing junk food and sugary drinks, said the researchers.