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Emergency care
verb To attain a thing, as in to secure an airway.

Informatics adjective
Referring to a computer system in which data is protected from unauthorised access.


adjective Informatics Referring to a computer system in which data is protected from unauthorized access. See HIPAA.


1. Free from danger, fear, care, or worry.
2. Under lock and key.
3. Stable; protected.

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Q. what genetic exams should i do during and before pregnancy to secure the unborn child?

A. there is a wide variety of pre-gestational genetic testsing that can be done, for several inherited diseases, depending on your origin. You have to consult your gynecologist in order to know exactly what can be tested nowadays and whether or not there is a need.

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When an insurance company issues a security, its treatment by rating agencies and regulatory bodies can impact the composition of the insurer's balance sheet and the level of capital and surplus it reports," said Edward Easop, vice president of rating criteria for A.
Physical security has lost its glamour recently, taking a back seat to issues of technological security.
With these terms formally defined, the blended definition roughly describes risk management and security as the practice of controlling and mitigating the amount of loss an organization will have to endure because of any adverse action or situation, whether intentionally or unintentionally initiated.
Cisco's integrated security strategy and product portfolio underscore its commitment to address this market environment to help customers sustain productivity and business resilience.
The complexity of the features of the derivative or security may increase the complexity of measurement and disclosure considerations required by generally accepted accounting principles.
The security committee comprised 130 civilian and sworn personnel, representing 35 agencies.
In addition, Cambridge handles security patrols for three New York City Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), including Steinway Street in Queens, Pitkin Avenue in Brooklyn and the Village Alliance in Greenwich Village.
Watchfire, the market share leading provider of application security software and services, today announces the launch of their Fanatical Success[TM] Program.
Nortel Networks Security Solutions provide a comprehensive network security framework to enable businesses and service providers to deploy secure services and applications more quickly and cost-effectively," said Oscar Rodriguez, vice president, Metro Networks, Nortel Networks.
Almost everyone involved in information technology is concerned about security, from venture capitalists on the cutting edge to the "laggards" on the technology adoption curve.
With a who's who of the world's top security experts and vendors gathered at this week's RSA Conference, Watchfire[R] and its market-leading web application security solution AppScan[R] secured the top honor in the SC Magazine Awards.
ATLANTA & SAN FRANCISCO -- Today, at the RSA Conference (Booth 2631), Reflex Security (www.

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